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Jaimee Millard Player Profile

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Player Profile

Jim, Millsy, Millard
Recruited from:
Victor Harbour Football Club
What is your current occupation?
Coles service employee 
What is your favourite SANFLW/footy memory?
When we defeated the top team, it was the biggest tram game I've ever played and everyone got so pumped!!
Who is your favourite female athlete? (Any sports)
Sarah Allan, she goes under the radar but is the most reliable player
What is your biggest interest outside of football?
Playing outdoor sports with my family and in my down time, doing something creative
Describe yourself as a footballer in ONE word
What is your pregame song?
Candy Shop 
Which teammate is most likely to win mark of the year?
Which teammate is most likely to win goal of the year?
Choppa (Jess Waterhouse)
If you could be another teammate for a week, who would you be and why?
Weds (Brianna Wedding) because she seems like she is very professional and I love her attitude and outlook on everything. It would inspire me to be the same!
Which teammate do you think would win Survivor 
I think that Spratty would win survivor because she is a fighter and she never EVER gives up, she has excellent organisational skills and is very smart!
Which teammate is most likely to win the SAFCW Best and Fairest?
Nickers (Nicole Campbell). She's so inspirational and I absolutely love her game! She is so encouraging.
Which teammate is in for a big 2022?
Shae Archbold is in for a HUGEEE 2022. She kicked 3 goals in her debut, that says enough!


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