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Jaxon Sampson Player Profile

Player Profile

Recruited From
Brighton Bombers Football Club
What is your favourite SANFL/footy memory?
Playing in a grand final
Who is your favourite sports athelete (Any sports)?
Stephen Curry
Which is your favourite SANFL ground to play on?
South (Flinders University Stadium)
Describe yourself as a footballer in one word
What is your biggest interest outside of football?
Hanging with mates
What is your go-to pregame song?
Joker and the Thief
Which teammate is always last in after a training drill?
Declan Le Raye
If you had to be stuck with one teammate during lockdown, who would it be? and why?
Tommy Barrett - to have his hair
Which teammate is most likely to win Mark of the year?
Will Verrall
Which teammate is most likely to win the Goal of the year?
Tom Barrett
Which teammate is most likely to win the Mark Naley Medal (U18 B&F)?
Arlo Draper
Which teammate is in for a big 2021?
Arlo Draper, Matty Roberts, Jason Horne


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