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Malcolm Karpany Player Profile

Malcolm is proudly sponsored by Kingstonian - Sydney Tilmouth

Player Profile

Career Games
Career Goals
Recruited from:
West Coast AFL/ Woodville-West Torrens
Favourite footy memory
Winning under 18's premiership with Woodville West Torrens.
Favourite SANFL player
Tom Whittlesea
Favourite SANFL ground to play on
West Adelaide
Describe yourself as a footballer in one word
Biggest interest outside of football
Spending time at the beach and in the Adelaide hills.
Apps you can't live without
Facebook and Instagram
What is your favourite food?
Any type of roast
Which teammate takes the longest to get ready?
Liam Fitt
Which teammate is always last in after a training drill?
Liam Fitt
Which teammate is most likely to be caught looking at themselves in the mirror during a weights session?
Liam Fitt
If you could be another teammate for a week, who would you be and why?
Tom Whittlesea - elite footballer and receives so much attention everywhere he goes
Which teammate is most likely to win goal of the year?
Tom Whittlesea 
Which teammate is most likely to win the Knuckey Cup?
Liam Fitt
Which teammate is most likely to win the Magarey Medal?
Tom Whittlesea
Which teammate is in for a big 2020?
Has to be Tom Whittlesea!


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