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Season is now concluded.  

Knuckey Cup (Best and Fairest) is on Saturday October 11th.  To see full details please DOWNLOAD PDF



TRAINING SCHEDULE: Players are now on a break.  You will be notified when they commence their pre-season training.



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The Panther Poll

The South Adelaide Football Club will run a weekly poll question to help the club to understand what works and what does not. Some random fun questions will also appear, join the fun by answering the Panther Poll question. 




Previous Poll Question

What Panther apparel accessory should be compulsory for all South Supporters on Saturday?
South Hat (14.73%)
South Scarf (36.43%)
South Hoodie or t-shirt (5.43%)
South footy jumper (Home or Clash) (7.75%)
All of the above (35.66%)


Visionary | Can-Do | United

After extensive consultation and debate, the South Adelaide FC declares, from this point on, it will be “Visionary, with a Can-do attitude and a United Club”. We will NEVER waiver away from the direction these values take us.

Particular words are often interpreted differently by different people. To ensure all South Adelaide people have a consistent interpretation of our Values, the following interpretations are provided.

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The SAFC dares to be different and has the courage to develop and implement new ideas. We are willing to think outside the square, to consider new ideas and better ways to do things. We recognize the risks and are prepared to challenge established mindsets to drive profound change within our club. 


The SAFC has an absolutely positive attitude at all times and in all circumstances. Success will always be achieved by people with positive attitudes. These people acknowledge that we will not always be successful; however they believe that every problem has a solution and that they are never truly beaten. They will always rise to the next challenge, they are fun to be around, and are excellent role models. 


The SAFC is united in its objective to become a respected and consistently successful club. A common bond exists between all members who are loyal, honest and willing to make sacrifices and work together as one, from beginning to end, to achieve our goal of consistent success.



We thank our Partners

The South Adelaide Football Club acknowledges the support from our sponsors and partners and encourages all members to show their support for the companies that contribute to the club. 

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