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Bryce Gibbs Player Profile


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Player Profile

Oi Gibbs
Recruited From
Carlton Football Club
What is your current occupation?
SAFC Player Development Manager
What is your favourite SANFL/footy memory?
Debut for Glenelg, kicked a goal with my first kick
Pick a player from another SANFL team you would like to play with and why?
Kaine Stevens, seems like a good bloke
Favourite SANFL ground to play on?
Panther Park (Flinders University Stadium)
Describe yourself as a footballer in one word
What is your biggest interest outside of football?
Liverpool FC
Worst teammate on social media?
Paul Hunter, too many paid posts
What is your go-to pregame song?
The Lily of Laguna
Which teammate is the most superstitious with their pre-game routine?
Paul Hunter. Wears his jocks inside out 
If you had to be stuck with one teammate during lockdown, who would it be? and why?
Nic Schwarz. We can watch Liverpool games all day. 
Favourite meal the night before a game?
Spag bol
Which teammate is most likely to win goal of the year?
Jake Tarca
Which teammate is most likely to win the Knuckey Cup?
Joey Haines
Which teammate is most likely to win the Magarey Medal?
Jason Horne
Which teammate is in for a big 2021?
Zac Dumesny


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