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Holly Ifould Player Profile

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Player Profile

Hol or Holly
Recruited from:
What is your current occupation?
What is your favourite SANFLW/footy memory?
Winning 2 premierships in 1 one day for local footy!
Who is your favourite female athlete? (Any sports)
Kathy Freeman
What is your biggest interest outside of football?
Going to the beach
Describe yourself as a footballer in ONE word
What is your pregame song?
Changing by Sigma
Which teammate is most likely to win mark of the year?
Tamara Page
Which teammate is most likely to win goal of the year?
Shae Archbold or Kianhi Russel
If you could be another teammate for a week, who would you be and why?
Amy Gore because she very good at surfing and I think it would be fun to surf more often as well as be as good as her!
Which teammate do you think would win Survivor 
Amy Gore
Which teammate is most likely to win the SAFCW Best and Fairest?
Tahlita Buethke
Which teammate is in for a big 2022?
Jess Waterhouse


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