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Indy Tahau Player Profile

NumberHeightDOBCareer GamesCareer Goals
10175 cm22/10/200244



Recruited from:
Happy Valley Football Club.

Describe yourself as a player in three words:
I have potential.

What do you do outside of football?

Growing up who was your favourite footballer/sportsperson?
Bouden Barrett.

What is your proudest sporting achievement?
Rugby Best and Fairest.

Three apps you can't live without
Uber, Uber eats, Snapchat.

Who should be banned from choosing what music is played in the rooms and why?
Not sure.

If you could be another teammate for a week, who would you be and why?
Czenya Cavouras, Jaslynne Smith, Teah Charlton, Montanna McKinnon or Hannah Munyard  becuase they all have elite skill!

Who has had the biggest influence on your career?
Mum and Dad.

Who is the best/worst dressed at the club?
Jono, worst. 

Who is your funniest teammate?
Emmy Johnson

If you had to choose one team mate to have the winning shot at goal, who would it be?
Teah Charlton.

Which teammate is most likely to win Goal of the Year?
Teah Charlton.

Which teammate is most likely to win the Best and Fairest?
Teah Charlton or Jess Kirk.

Which teammate is most likely to win Mark of the Year?
Hopefully me! 

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