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The Knuckey Cup is South Adelaide Football Club's highest individual honour awarded to the best and fairest league player at the end of each season.

The Cup takes it's name from Charles Kingscote Knuckey, a long-serving administrator at the club, who donated the inaugural cup to the Club in 1923. Thus beginning a tradition which has continued every year since (with the exception of 1941-44 when competitions were suspended due to WWII), making it the oldest award of its kind in the SANFL. Charles Knuckey also personally presented the Cup to the winner every year until his death in 1988, with only illness or absence preventing him from doing so.

The first Knuckey Cup was presented to Dan Moriarty, one of the greatest football players in the history of the game and still the only man to win three consecutive Magarey Medals.

In the 90 plus years the Knuckey Cup has been awarded many champions have had their names etched into the history books at South Adelaide. including the likes of Frank Tully, Jim Deane, Peter Darley, Mark Naley, David Kappler, Nick Liddle and Joel Cross.

Darley has won the Cup a record seven times, with Deane not far behind with six Cups of his own. Modern day star Nick Liddle is one behind Deane with 5 and Joel Cross with 4.  

Check out the full list of Knuckey Cup winners below



1924Al. Ryan
1925W.G. Oliver
1926W.G. Oliver
1927W.H. Jackson
1928A.J. Ryan
1929F.J. Tully
1930F.J. Tully
1931S.R. Jaffer
1932C.R. Rose
1933F.J. Tully
1934J. Cockburn
1935F.J. Tully
1936G.L. Mulcahy
 J.P Dawes
1937J.P. Dawes
1938L.W. Cahill
1939L.W. Cahill
1940M.A. Murdy
1941J. Cockburn
1945M.J. Doherty
1946K. Brown
1947AD. Hickinbotham
1948J.G. Deane
1949J.G. Deane
1950R.A. Linke
1951J.G Deane
1952R.A. Linke
1953J.G. Deane
1954R.A. Linke
1955D.J. Polden
1956J.G. Deane
1957J.G. Deane
1958G. Christie
1959 R. Jackson
1960D.J. Panizza
1961D. Kantilla
1962D. Kantilla
1963P.M. Darley
1964P.M. Darley
1965R.D. Schmidt
1966P.M. Darley
1967P.M. Darley
1968P.M. Darley
1969M. Coombe
1970L. Backman
1971P. Haines
1972P.M. Darley
1973P.M. Darley
1974D.R. Young
1975A.M. Keddie
1976R.K. Hateley
1977G.P. Baynes
1978G.P. Baynes
1979G.P. Baynes
1980S. Butler
1981R. Hawkins
1982R. White
1983R. Hawkins
1984M. Naley
1985D. Kappler
1986D. Troy
1987D. Kappler
1988D. Kappler
1989M. Whitford
1990D. Trevena
1991D. Kappler
1992M. Grummet
1993M. Dillon
1994C. Whittman
1995J. Polkinghorne
1996A. Osborn
1997J. Polkinghorne
1998D. Talbot
1999K. Cobb
2000D.M. Tallbot
2001D.A. Morgan
2002C.T. Sampson
2003C.P. Hall
2004C. King
2005M. Davis
2006R. Archard
2007S. McGlone
2008J. Boyd
2009M. Sandery
2010N. Liddle
2011J. Cross
2012N. Liddle
2013N. Liddle
2014K. Brooksby
2015J. Cross
2016J. Cross
 B. Seccull
2017N. Liddle


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