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Club Statement - Update to Members SALC Constitution

Club Statement - Update to Members SALC Constitution

6 February 2024

Explanatory advice concerning the proposed amendments to the South Adelaide Footballers Club Constitution


In March 2023 a new amended SAFC Constitution was adopted by the Membership. The new changes were necessary to bring the Clubs Constitution into line with contemporary principles of good governance and administration, and to ensure the changes better reflected the Clubs values and objectives.

To complete this task Members attending the AGM on 19th February 2024 will be asked to vote on making certain procedural amendments to the South Adelaide Footballers Club Constitution which will compliment the suite of changes made to the SAFC Constitution.

As Members will be aware the Clubs operations involve the running of a licensed venue that includes gaming. It is expedient from the Clubs perspective that the Liquor License and Gaming License are held by the South Adelaide Footballers Club, a separate legal entity to the SAFC, which has been in existence for many years for this purpose.

 The Footballers Club, like the SAFC, is a registered incorporated association. It operates under the authority of its own Constitution. Under the Footballers Club Constitution, the Directors are the same persons who hold the position of Director under the SAFC Constitution from time to time; and the voting Members are the same Members entitled to vote at any meeting of the Members (such as the AGM or a Special Meeting of Members).

The Footballers Club Constitution was last amended at the Clubs AGM on 27th September 2010. The SAFC Board of Directors has reviewed the existing Constitution in light of the changes made to the SAFC Club Constitution and has recommended a number of minor changes.

The changes are primarily directed towards the use of gender-neutral language and the use of technical language in the constitutional text which compliments the changes made in March to the SAFC Constitution. 

The proposed changes are not controversial. They are mainly procedural and do not impinge on the existing rights of the Clubs Membership.



WHEREAS the Board of the Directors has determined it is in the best interests of the South Adelaide Football Club to amend the South Adelaide Footballers Club Constitution; and

WHEREAS the Board of Directors on 6 February 2024 published on the Club website an amended Constitution and Explanatory Memorandum detailing the proposed amendments: -

TAKE NOTICE that at the Annual General Meeting of the Club to be held at the South Adelaide Football Club on February 19 at 7pm the following Resolution is proposed to be put to the voting Members for its consideration:

  1. That the Annual General Meeting revoke the South Adelaide Footballers Club Constitution and Rules adopted by the Annual General Meeting on 27th September 2010 and adopt the amended Constitution and Rules published on the Clubs website on 6 February 2024.

Click Here to view the SALC Constitution


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