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Daily Grind Match Report: Round 6 v Glenelg

Daily Grind Match Report: Round 6 v Glenelg

4 April 2023

South Adelaide vs Glenelg
Round 6 - Flinders University Stadium - 02/04/2023



South Adelaide1.



Goals: Anderson, Baxter, Hickey
Best: Northcott (Thanks to Cheffy Chelby's), Boileau (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Couch (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Radbone, Hammond
Injuries, Campbell (TBC)
Crowd: 500

Match Replay


The development squad locked in a spot in the Grand Final and the League Team get the job done in a thriller. 

After last week’s efforts it was going to be interesting to see how the League team would continue to prove why they were a team to watch out for on the schedule. 

In round 6 South were faced with a tough opponent in Glenelg as it was the top of the table clash. Blessed with great conditions it was going to go down to the wire. 

Glenelg would start strong and kick the first two goals of the game, a response was desperately needed as the League team couldn’t let the opposition run away with it. 

Melissa Anderson would come to the rescue late in the term, gathering the ground ball and get to run into an open goal, slotting it through for South’s first major score. 

Going into the second it was back and forth as the strength of these sides was being displayed. 

Taylah Levy was seeing plenty of the ball and was hitting the ball hard during the game. Finishing with 18 disposals and 5 marks. 

It was Jordann Hickey who would see the ball end in her hands from 30-metres out. Compossed and ready to gain the first lead of the game. The kick was textbook as the ball glided through for the league teams second of the game. 

This was the last major score from either side until the fourth quarter as it was impossible for either team to build a lead.

During the third it was Brooke Boileau who would apply the pressure not letting anything get past her, laying plenty of tackles and finishing the game with a team high of seven. 

It was an incredible display of skill from both sides, and it was evident that this could be an early preview of what may come later in finals. 

It was stressful to say the least heading into the fourth term, this was made worse as Glenelg would manage to take the lead back late.

The league team had to get the ball back forward quickly as time was running out. 

After a swift clearance Lucy Northcott who was playing her heart out ending the game with 17 disposals would get the mark in the attacking fifty. 

Unselfishly passing off to Cheyenne Hammond, gathering the ball and kicking towards the safe hands of Lily Baxter

With the game on the line from a tough angle the kick had to be pure, and it was. With absolute ice in her veins Baxter would back up and securing the goal, putting the panthers back in the lead by one.

This is how the game would finish as South would get the job done in what should be considered the game of the year.

Back on top of the ladder the league team will prepare for Thursday night football against Woodville-West Torrens.


South Adelaide Development vs Glenelg Development
Round 6 - Flinders University Stadium - 02/04/2023



South Adelaide3.



Goal: Rigby 4, Hooper, Kerrin, Franklin
Best: Rigby (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), S.Wright, Kirk, Dolan, Page

Match Replay



The development squad were looking to build upon the impressive win from last week against North Adelaide. 

However, a new week means a new combatant and in round 6 it was Glenelg. It was going to take a group effort to get the job done.

Bella Rigby would shine this week using her speed and spectacular skills to kick four goals. 

First of the coming early in the first term getting away from the pack and snapping it through. 

Emily Franklin built on these efforts and secured her first of the game after she saw the ball go through for a major score from around 30-metres out. 

The final goal of the term would come off Jorja Hooper’s boot who slotted the incredible set shot moments before the quarter would come to an end. 

In the second quarter no major scores from either team would occur as Glenelg turned up the heat.

It became a very contested football and the efforts from Sarah Wright did not go unnoticed, making sure to create opportunities for the rest of the team.

It was in the third term where South would build their lead even further securing three major scores. 

It was Rigby’s second which would start this run, as she would stiff arm her opponent and kick a thunderous goal from 40-metres out.

After a Glenelg blunder which began when Hooper would block the kick out, Rigby would zoom in and soccer through her third. 

The next score would come after Brylee Kerrin beat her defenders to the ball, picking up smoothly and getting it onto her boot as the siren was moments away from going. 

Going into the last term it was all but confirmed that the job was finished.

But Rigby wanted her fourth. Early in the quarter she would read the ball perfectly off the contested pack and run into an open goal.

Glenelg would go on to kick their only goal of the game, but the development squad showed why they are a force to be wrecking with. 

With another win in the book’s efforts are turned towards Woodville-West Torrens on Thursday evening. 

The Panther Development all but locked in their appearance in the first Development League Grand Finals which will be against Norwood on the weekend of April 22, with more details to come. 

Bella Rigby running a muck. Image Nick Hook Photography. 


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