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Daily Grind Match Report: Round 7 v Eagles

Daily Grind Match Report: Round 7 v Eagles

11 April 2023

South Adelaide @ Woodville West-Torrens
Round 7 - Maughan Thiem Kia Oval - 06/04/2023



South Adelaide0.



Goal: Boileau
Disposals: Moon 21, E.Schirmer 21, Boileau 20, Pratt 20, Barwick 17
Best: Boileau (Thanks to Cheffy Chelby's), Moon (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Pratt (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Couch, Smith

Match Replay


Womens League team get the choccies in a wet weather battle and the Development Squad secure a spot in the big dance. 


After the thrilling win over Glenelg last week, it was time for the Women’s League team to continue on the impressive season.

This week was a milestone game for gun Lucy Northcott who was lacing up for her 50th game, giving the squad a purpose to rally and get the job done. 

During the first term Woodville West-Torrens looked convincing and were hitting every contest hard, leaving the Panthers on the back foot. 

Uncharacteristically the Panthers were unable to provide a major score in the first term. Allowing the Eagles to build a small lead of 7 points heading into the second quarter. 

It was an absolute battle around the ground with star showings from Soriah Moon and Esther Schrimer who would each finish the game on 21 disposals.

In the second term neither team were able to hit the scoreboard with a major score, but Laquoiya Cockatoo-Motlap provided the crucial minor scores which would prove to be incredibly vital. 

The wet weather proving to be an issue for both sides, but the breakthrough would be provided in the third term. 

It was Brooke Boileau who laid a serious tackle awarding her with the ball on the centre square line near the forward fifty, and after a costly 25 metre penalty was given, she was in scoring range. 

Lining up from around 35 metres out the finish was effortless providing the much-needed goal putting the league team up by 1 point. 

The pressure needed to stay at full force to ensure the victory heading into the fourth only up by 2 points. 

As it transpired, this is how the game would end as the Panthers kept Woodville scoreless for three quarters of hard-fought football. 

The pressure acts of Elise Barwick shouldn’t go unnoticed wrapping up all opponents in her way and finishing with 11 tackles.

Another tight game for the League Team getting the win with a score of 1.4.10 to 1.2.8. 

Next up is a bye for the AFL's Gather Round, before the Panthers take on West Adelaide on April 22 following the Panthers Under-16 and Under-18s.

Lucy Northcott chaired off after her 50th Hostplus SANFL Women's League Match. Image Nick Hook Photography. 


South Adelaide Under-16 @ Eagles Under-16
Round 3 - Maughan Thiem Kia Oval - 07/04/2023



South Adelaide1.



Goals: Woodward 2, S.Wright, Clifton, Fitz
Best: N.Wright (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Woodward, S.Wright, Kirk, Ross

Match Replay



After last week’s statement win against Glenelg the ambitions of this team’s future are clear. Getting to the Grand Final and proving they can win it all. 

Faced against with Woodville West-Torrens in round 7 the Panthers were ready to put fear into the rest of the competition. 

The Panthers came out swinging. Showing off the skills with the hands.

A collection of smart handballing would see the ball get to Ella Fitz who would put the first major score on the board within the first three minutes of the game. 

The next major score for both teams would come in the second term, but it was evident the Panthers had their claws all over this game. With impressive showings for star Nari Wright early. 

Heading into the second up by 3 it was crucial to hit the scoreboard hard. Early in the term the girls would provide again.

After an impressive read in between traffic it was Sarah Wright who got onto the end of the contested ball and followed the effort with her first South Adelaide goal. 

It was going to be hard for the eagles to respond as Abby Woodward would kick the first of her two goals around the 10-minute mark of the quarter. 

Laying the crushing tackle to award her the ball in scoring range. Making sure to kick the set shot and increasing the Panther lead. 

Heading into the third term it was clear that the Panthers weren’t letting up. Early in the term once again the ball was up in the attacking 50. 

After Jess Kirk who was putting on an impressive display gathered and set up Woodward directly in front, we knew what was coming next. 

She would finish the efforts of her teammates and slot her second of the game putting the Development Side in an almost unreachable position. 

The final major of the game would come in the last, but Caitlyn Ross was proving to be a weapon in the time between scores, applying pressure and using the ball efficiently. 

As the game was winding down Lauren Clifton would kick the final goal of the game. Unleashing from 50-metres out and celebrating in style.

The Development Side won convincingly and have secured a spot in the big dance.

Ryan Skouborg's chargers will take on the undefeated Norwood in the Development League Grand Final. 

Time and date to be confirmed. 

About the Author:Bailey Hutchinson

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