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Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 5 v Glenelg

Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 5 v Glenelg

8 May 2023

South Adelaide vs Glenelg
Round 5 - Flinders University Stadium - 06/05/2023



South Adelaide3.



Goals: Fitt 3, S.Skinner, Sproule, Wilkinson
Disposals: Haines 25, O'Neill 24, Rose 19, Davis 18, E.Smith 17
Best: Fitt (Thanks to Betta Home Living McLaren Vale & Victor Harbor, O'Neill (Thanks to Sports Power), S.Skinner (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Rose, Summerton
Injuries: Gibbs, O'Neill
Crowd: 1,104

Match Replay



The South Adelaide Reserves go to work in another close contest as the League team fall to Glenelg. 

Last rounds contest was a touch up as the South Adelaide league team would go down against Adelaide. But a new round means a chance at redemption and against Glenelg it wasn’t going to come easily. 

The league team needed to be cleaner around the ground in comparison to last week.

In the first quarter it was all good signs as the Panthers hit the scoreboard early. The first of the day coming from Eamon Wilkinson who has been piecing together an immaculate 2023 campaign.

After a boundary thrown in would result in an outlet pass to Mitch O’Neill, he would lower the eyes and get into Wilkinson's vicinity, using some finesse while being dragged down to the deck he would get it onto his boot and dribble it through.

It would become a back-and-forth affair after this score as neither team could kick away, Liam Nye applying the pressure as he finished with 8 tackles. 

As it transpired the breakthrough would be provided by Liam Fitt as his first of the contest was grand. Lining up from 45-metres out, kicking through and getting the ball to bend through the goals.

The Panthers continued to apply the pressure, but Glenelg kicked into gear, kicking three major scores unanswered. 

The streak was stopped by the reliable Zachery Sproule as the quarter was ending, he would get awarded the kick from 30-metres out on a slight angle, as expected Zac would get the set shot to go through.

The league team would go into the second up by 1 point as it was clear both sides were hungry, hitting every contest with pace.

The physical contest which was unfolding was ferocious but in usual fashion the league team would kick a major score early in the second. 

The provider was Fitt as he would get on the end of a hot footy within range, getting it onto his boot and snapping it for a goal. 

Now in the lead the league team were determined to build a lead, however Glenelg would again go on a run kicking three goals, a brutal blow for the Panthers.

Fitt who was proving to be deadly around goal would try his best to lessen the deficit with his goal late in the term.

As a ball came flying in, he’d go up strong and take a great grab just in front of the goal square, the kick was pure and he secured his third of the contest, a very necessary major score.

The quarter would take close to 30 minutes to close out and this gave Glenelg enough time to score another major score, a gut punch after the league team played so hard all quarter.

Only down by 16 points at the half it was still anyone’s game, a lift was still required as it was too easy for Glenelg to get loose, the pressure needed to rise, especially with Bryce Gibbs going down with an injury early.

In the third term it was evident the league team had done their due diligence and began to hit the tigers harder. Not allowing them to go anywhere. 

It was Joseph Haines off the backline doing damage as he would finish the contest with 25 disposals, providing that much needed pressure.

It would take the entire quarter for either team to kick a major score, luckily it came off a South Adelaide boot.

The saviour being Sam Skinner as he unloaded on the tight angle from 40-metres out while on the move. Putting the panthers back within striking distance, only down by 5 points headed into the final quarter.

After all the hard work throughout the contest it came crashing down in the fourth term. The Panthers allowing six major scores to go through without any reply besides one minor score. 

Down a key player the rotations became thinner, and the Panthers’ tanks were completely empty, sadly going down by 41-points.

The South Adelaide league team will look to reply against the old foe in Port Adelaide on Sunday the 14th at Alberton Oval. 


South Adelaide Reserves vs Glenelg Reserves
Round 5 - Flinders University Stadium - 06/05/2023



South Adelaide5.38.59.611.672



Goal: Cockshell, Kantilla, Mitton, Rogers 2, Dunshea, Emery, Spacie.
Disposals: Kirkland 22, Duncan 21, Schuback 20, Mitton 19. Hayes 18.
Best: Mitton (Thanks to Becks Bakehouse), Schuback, Megins, Kraemer, Kirkland.

Match Replay



After the Round 4 draw against West Adelaide the reserves were hungry for a win, faced against Glenelg in Round 5 it was a chance for the panthers to show they mean business. 

This was clear in the first term as the Reserves came out with passion providing five major scores in the quarter. 

Kim Kantilla would kick his first within a minute of the opening siren as his set shot from 40-metres out sailed straight through. 

Around the ground it was a strong start as the clearances were smooth and the passages were silky. 

Cooper Rogers supplied his first just before the 6-minute mark of the term as he would read a contest with perfection, gathering the ground ball, and snapping around on his left and finishing with class. 

Before a moment could pass the midfield would clear and get the ball in the forward fifty which resulted in a stoppage. Luke Mitton would get on the end of the tap and snap it through. 

The Reserves looked immaculate as Koby Cockshell would provide his first of the contest after his set shot was smooth. 

The Reserves would kick their five and final of the quarter just before the 15-minute mark as Rogers kicked his second of the game, after his set shot from 35-metres out in front was textbook.

After the dominant first quarter it was clear the Reserves were fixing up the clearance and stoppage work, doing plenty of damage from these areas. 

In the second term the Panthers continued the form early as Nic Dunshea kicked a beauty of a set shot from 45-metres out. 

Glenelg would kick there first major shortly after this, as Cockshell would go on and reply with as he would gather the ball from the pack and snap onto his right boot for a goal.

The tide began to shift after this as Glenelg kicked into gear and provided three major scores. They began to read the reserves midfield passages and began cutting off the attack well. 

Luckily as the quarter was dying out Harry Spacie would stream off the pack at the 50-metre line and run into an open goal, stopping Glenelg’s streak.

At the half South Adelaide were leading by 26-points, the game nowhere near finished as Glenelg were beginning to poke holes in the reserve’s strategies. 

In the third term Glenelg were dominant taking the game on and kicking four major scores. 

Kim Kantilla kicks one of his two goals. Image Nick Hook Photography.


The Reserves seemed like they had taken their foot off the gas only providing one goal, this coming from Luke Mitton as he secured his second late in the term with a crisp dribble kick while on the move.

This being a turning point for the contest as it gave the Reserves the much-needed spark they were after. 

It was going to go down to the wire as the Panthers were only up by one goal headed into the final term. 

In desperation mode knowing this game was one kick away from being tied up the Reserves turned it up and kicked two major scores early in the quarter. 

Kyle Emery was the first goal scorer of these after his set shot was marvellous from 45-metres out.

Shortly after it was Kantilla with his second. Lining up on the difficult angle from 40-metres out it had to be perfect, and it was as the clutch goal sailed through. 

The Reserves were up and about after this as they ran out the game and provided great defence only letting one more major go through. 

Cameron Kirkland was electric all day and in the fourth his value shown through as he was providing great pressure at the contest and around the ground, finishing with 22 disposals. 

As time would wind down Glenelg were gassed, allowing the South reserves to finish with the hard-earned victory. 

The Reserves next challenge will come against Sturt at the bright and early time of 9:50 am at Wigan Oval before the Panthers Women's side at 12:20 pm. 

About the Author:Bailey Hutchinson

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