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Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 10 v Adelaide

Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 10 v Adelaide

26 June 2023

South Adelaide V Adelaide Crows
Round 10 - Flinders University Stadium - 24/06/2023



South Adelaide0.

Adelaide Crows7.37.511.1111.1278


Goals: Wilkinson 2, Birt, Brooksby, Fitt, Gibbs
Disposals: Broadbent, O'Neill 26, Sampson 25, Davis 21, Mutch 20
Best: Clavarino (Thanks to Betta Home Living McLaren Vale & Victor Harbor), Broadbent (Thanks to Sports Power), Sampson (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's)
Injuries: Dunkin, Mitton, Ramsay
Crowd: 835

Match Replay



The Reserves look dominant against Norwood again, while the League side struggled against the Crows.

After a significant loss the Panthers were looking for redemption, after a week break the squad was looking for redemption against the Crows. 

Faced with cold, wet and windy conditions at Flinders University Stadium it was going to take a major effort to get over the line.

It was a less than ideal start to the contest, as Adelaide would come out swinging, kicking seven major scores in the quarter to the Panthers singular minor score. 

It was hard to find the ball out of the middle for the Panthers and it became clear the pressure needed to be intensified. 

The Panthers needed to bounce back in the second term to mitigate the damage caused by the Crows. 

South Adelaide created some pressure around the ball making it harder for Adelaide to move into their forward half. 

Matthew Broadbent was busy in defense as his disposals were damaging, finishing his day with 26.

Neither side were able to supply a major score for most of the quarter, but upon his much-awaited return Bryce Gibbs, went back with the flight taking his mark and finding himself 45-metres out and slotting the Panthers first major of the day. 

The Panthers headed into half time down by 40-points, after they were able to keep Adelaide goalless in the second term. 

The first half of the game saw the Panthers struggle to move the ball freely, in the third term it was essential to get it forward and attempt to comeback from the deficit.

The third term was a rough start once again as Adelaide kicked two early goals. 

It wasn’t clicking for the league side in this contest, but Eamon Wilkinson made sure to supply a goal in the quarter.

After a high kick resulted in a ground ball Wilkinson worked his magic, picking up smoothly and snapping the ball through for his first.

The fourth quarter display demonstrated just how skilled this league side can be at their best, kicking four major scores while keeping Adelaide without a goal.

Liam Fitt started the run as he unleashed a snap from 50-metres out while being dragged to the deck. Guiding it over a defender and kicking his first.

Keegan Brooksbydid well to kick his first as he would mark the ball in the goal square, turning and kicking the easy goal.

Wilkinson would go on to kick his second of the day with a booming set shot beyond the 50-metre line.

To finish off Isaac Birt would kick the Panther's final goal of the contest, after cutting off the Adelaide switch, he would line up from 20-metres out, going back and slotting his first with ease.

It was a redeeming term for the Panthers after a tough day out, as it stood the final effort was not enough as the league side would go down by 37 points.

The Panther's next contest will come against Woodville-West Torrens on Saturday the 1st of July at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval in a 2:10pm as the SANFL celebrates First Nations Rounds.

South Adelaide Reserves V Norwood Reserves
Round 10 - Flinders University Stadium - 24/06/2023



South Adelaide4.77.812.1212.1486



Goal: Bradley 3, Dunshea, Megins 2, Bedford, Cockshell, Collins, Kraemer, Nye
Disposals: Duncan 26, Collins, Tucker 23, Megins 22, Rogers, Schuback 21
Best: Tucker (Thanks to Sports Power), Megins, Schuback, Duncan, Bradley

Match Replay


After a short break the Reserves were ready to face off against Norwood in less-than-ideal weather conditions at the home deck.

The first quarter started with a bang as Koby Cockshell did well to get his goal to go through within the first minute of the game.

It was a dominant display from the middle as it was clear that the squad was well rested and all moving as one.

All the action was in the forward fifty as Norwood were unable to hit the scoreboard. It was only a matter of time until the Panthers began to deliver with major scores.

Liam Nye was all class as he secured his set shot on a tight angle from 25-metres out.

Not long after Nic Dunshea would lead out and take a gutsy grab, not faced with a set shot directly in front from 30-metres out, there was no doubt it was missing.

Building a lead late in the term Angus Bradley delivered a brilliant goal in the final moments of the term, running along the boundary, avoiding opposition, and slotting a crafty snap shot.

The first quarter was great by the Reserves as they moved the ball fluently around the deck and built an early lead, in the second term it was crucial to keep the foot on the gas.

Angus Bradley started strong with his second of the contest, kicking a set shot in front from 25-metres out.

Nothing was getting in the way of the Reserves to start, but Norwood were starting to find their way forward while unable to convert with a major score, it was clear it was far from over.

It was a slow term in terms of scoring, but Charlie Duncan was garnering a lot of the footy, ending his day with 26 disposals.

The Panthers broke through in the middle of the quarter when Nick Kraemer kicked a set shot from 25-metres out.

It dried up until very late in the term when Scott Bedford would pick up the leading ball while on the move with grace, straighten up and kick a statement goal to finish of the quarter.

A solid second term as the movement around the ground was textbook, in the third term the ball kept on rolling for the reserves as they continued to put Norwood away.

Bradley once again started his quarter with a goal, a stoppage occurred right at the top of the reserves goal square, the tap came straight back down and Angus did well to soccer it through while be tackled by his defender, securing his third of the contest.

It was an absolute offensive siege in the third term as the reserves would kick three major scores in quick succession.

Oliver Megins would slot two goals back-to-back doing well to take the ball out the ruck and snap the ball over his head for his first. Following this with an easy set-shot from 20-metres out.

Dunshea would go on to kick his second after he read the play beautifully, kicking a nice snap in front.

To finish the quarter Jacob Collins secured his first of the contest after receiving the outlet handball, now on the move the kick was great.

It was a masterclass from the Reserves, but as it transpired, the offensive pressure would ease in the last quarter with no major score to Norwood's five-goal haul. 

It was clear the Panthers had left it all out on the ground especially Cooper Rogers who laid 13 tackles in this contest and Under-18 talents Nick Schroder and Blake Rodrigues who both looked comfortable at the Reserves level.

The Reserves face off against Woodville-West Torrens on Saturday the 1st of July at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval in a 11:20am timeslot.


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