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SANFL Speeds up for Fast Footy

SANFL Speeds up for Fast Footy

9 January 2018

SANFL supporters will need to brace themselves for the inaugural Australian Unity Fast Footy competition, to be held across two days in February.

Dubbed SANFL's version of Twenty20 Cricket, Australian Unity Fast Footy will see as many as 12 games of football played on February 9 and 10 at the Norwood Oval.

Each team will only have 12 players on the field at once, with four players in attack, four in the midfield and four in defence.

Matches will include four 10-minute quarters, with the first team to score 50 points, or the team in front at the final siren, declared the winner. If a team wins by reaching 50 points first, it will also earn a valuable bonus point in determining its final ladder position.

But the most noticeable feature will be the speed of the games, which is certain to favour pacy players such as Redlegs running machine Anthony Wilson and exciting West Adelaide prospect Izak Rankine.

Interchanges will be unlimited, ensuring players remain fresh in the expected warm conditions while the rules will be conducive to keeping the ball in play.

The Last Possession Out of Bounds rule enforced during the minor round will be ramped up to be the Last Touch Out of Bounds rule, encouraging teams to play through the corridor at The Parade.

The ball must be kicked in after any score, not just a behind, while it will also remain in play if it hits the goal or point post and rebounds back onto the field.

Nine-point super goals will be awarded for any goals kicked from outside the 50m arc, causing players such as new North Adelaide recruit Jarred Allmond and South's Tom Fields to present plenty of danger to their opposition.

Players will also be wary not to infringe on their opponents with severe penalties to be applied for free kicks. Inside the defensive 50m arc the opposition player will have a shot from 20m out directly in front. Inside the forward 50m arc the opposition player will have a free kick at the centre of their defensive 50m arc.

In the event of a tied game, an exciting finish looms with each team nominating their best set-shot kickers to have a soccer-style penalty shoot-out from 30m out directly in front of goal. The first kicker to miss will ensure the opposing team wins the game.

Despite the on-field action also acting as an important pre-season fixture for the Macca's League season, the incentive to win should be high considering as much as $20,000 will be on offer as prizemoney, with $10,000 to the first-placed team, $5,000 to the runner-up and $2,500 each for third and fourth place.

Fans will not only be able to see their recruits sporting their new colours for the first time but also enjoy the carnival atmosphere at the Woods Street venue with Club Zones to be allocated for each participating teams to be coupled with food trucks, children's entertainment and vibrant music to get the adrenalin pumping.

Australian Unity Fast Footy

February 9-10
Norwood Oval
Free Entry

  • 12 matches to be played across two days four on Friday February 9 and eight on Saturday February 10
  • Each match consists of four 10-minute quarters
  • First team to score 50 points or team in front at final siren wins
  • Penalty shoot-out finale from 30m in front of goal to decide winning team if scores tied at final siren
  • 12 players per team on the field four midfielders, four forwards and four defenders
  • Unlimited interchanges. Interchanges occur at points in each sector of the ground (midfield, forward, back)
  • 9 points awarded for any goal kicked from outside 50m arc
  • Ball to be kicked in after any score, goal or behind
  • Ball to remain in play if rebounds off a goal or point post
  • Last TOUCH out of bounds rule enforced, as opposed to Last Possession used in minor round
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