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Statesman Windows Match Report: Juniors Round 4 v Sturt

Statesman Windows Match Report: Juniors Round 4 v Sturt

15 April 2024

South Adelaide Under-18 v Sturt Under-18

Round 4 - Thebarton Oval - 13/04/2024









9.12 (66)





13.7 (85)

Hargrave, C.Shortridge, Barrett, Florance, Borlace

C.Shortridge 3, Agnew, Goss 2, Nye, Sterzl

Photo Gallery Thanks to Nick Hook Photography

Panther Under-18s Fall to Sturt


In round 4 the under-18s were faced against a handy Sturt side, matching up on Thebarton oval it was set to be a great contest. 

In the first term the Panthers were swinging, not letting anything past them. Hitting the ball hard and putting numbers on the board. 

Cohen Shortridge would provide the first and it was electric, all the boys rallying behind him and getting ready to put a statement on the contest.

After some clean passages of play the Panthers had it back up forward and in the hands of Oliver Goss. His kick being clean as expected and the lead was slowly extending.

It was smooth all around the ground and even when the scoring slowed up the pressure was still through the roof.

Jake Agnew would kick one more major for the side and do well to navigate through his opponent to do it. 

The under-18s would enter the second up by 15-points and it would get start to get away from them despite the showing in the first.

Sturt would claw back viciously during the second, allowing minimal entries from the panthers, causing a shift in the game.

Jesse Nye was able to provide a major after a fierce opposition attack. Doing well to slow the momentum and compose the rest of the squad.

Shortridge would also secure his second in the last minutes of the term allowing the under-18s to breathe a little easier headed into the third, as it would bring the game back to a 3-point margin in favour of South.

The third quarter would follow a similar trend as the second with Sturt not giving an inch.

Agnew’s second and Shortridge’s third were crucial in keeping this game alive, but the opposition were hard at it.

It became a real challenge to stop the run of Sturt as everything was seemingly working for them.

Facing a 10-point deficit at the last quarter it was still up for grabs, it all depended on who wanted it more. 

Unfortunately, the under-18s would run out of legs. 

Dakota Sterzl would bring the squad back into arms reach early in the term with his first, but it unravelled from there.

Goss would attempt to stop the bleeding with his second, but it was too late.

The under-18s would lose the game by 19-points, Phoenix Hargrave was dangerous in the loss with a game high 30-disposals.

Central Districts will bring the next chance for the under-18s on Saturday the 20th at X Convenience oval in a 1:20pm timeslot.

South Adelaide Under-16 v Sturt Under-16

Round 3 - Thebarton Oval - 13/04/2024









7.12 (54)





7.8 (50)

Edwards, Van Dyk, Bretones, C.Florance, Sharpe

Bretones, K.Shortridge 2, Edwards, C.Florance, Hart

Photo Gallery Thanks to Nick Hook Photography


Round 3 had the under-16s faced against Sturt at Thebarton oval. Saturday afternoon footy was on and it went down to the wire. 

In the first term the boys kept it tight. Sturt doing well to reply whenever the boys made a challenge for them.

Kody Shortridge got the ball rolling with his first goal of the contest. Doing well to convert on an important tone setter.

Two opposition goals would follow before the under-16s would finish the term strong. 

Callan Hart would manage to secure his first bringing the game back into contention, while Shortridge would leave his stamp on the game kicking his second.

Moving onto the second it was clear neither side was going to break. Sturt would own the quarter as the under-16s were able to hit the scoreboard with a major.

No matter what they did it was made hard, all the forward entries were scrappy, and it was an aspect of the game that needed to be cleaned up.

In the lapse Archie van Dyk started to heat up, garnering 34 disposals by the end of the contest.

The third quarter was a brawl, after being down by 6-points Brodie Bretones came out swinging with his first major of the game.

A moment which was critical in bringing this game back into the favour of the Panthers.

Sturt kept up their relentless push and supplied two more, making it a real nail biter.

Being down by two goals headed into the last quarter was a situation these boys were not wanting, but it didn’t stop them.

Once again, the boys came out swinging but this time it caused some real damage, Cain Florance would slot a major early and Brodie Bretones would follow suit with his second. 

With the contest at a near stalemate it was any teams to win, and the panthers saw this as a chance to solidify themselves. 

Kodah Edwards with tension at a high slotted his first, providing a nice cushion for the squad, Sturt would reply but, a series of minor scores was enough to get the under-16s over the line, by a mere 4-points.

A hard-fought contest which only sets up their season. The under-16s will face Central Districts at X Convenience Oval on Saturday the 20th in an 11:00am timeslot.

About the Author:Bailey Hutchinson

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