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Juniors Match Report: Round 8 v Sturt

Juniors Match Report: Round 8 v Sturt

14 May 2023

South Adelaide Under-18 vs Sturt Under-18
Round 8 - Flinders University Stadium - 13/05/2023



South Adelaide2.24.58.810.1171



Goals: Howes 3, Sterzl 2, Chapman, Goss, Hams, Oliver, Saunders
Disposals: Sterzl 25, Pearsons 22, Goss 20, Duke 17, Chapman 16
Best: Sterzl, Duke, Howes, Borlace, Chapman

Match Replay


The young Panthers bring out all the stops as both the Under-16s and Under-18s take the points against Sturt.

After the complete dominance of Round 7 against Glenelg it was going to be interesting to see how the Under-18s would continue their season against Sturt.

Faced with moderate conditions at the lovely Flinders University Stadium it was set to be a great day.

The Panthers started off slow, only doing damage in the latter half of the term, as the clearances became cleaner and the movement of the ball around the ground became smoother it would finally eventuate with a goal at the 16-minute mark of the quarter.

Jaxon Hams being the culprit as his set shot from 35-metres out was graceful.

Before the quarter closed Sebastian Oliver would work some magic in a one-on-one contest near goals, stealing it from his defender and spinning with finesse he dribbled the ball through for the second major of the day. 

It was close after the first, but it was coming too easily for Sturt, the midfield work needed to lift.

In the second term the panthers started strong as Harry Saunders would get on his bike and wheel onto his right foot from 25-metres out, snapping with class and tying the game up.

The Under-18s would allow two Sturt majors before their next would be provided. It was Oliver Goss doing well to secure his first as he got on the end of a long ball, running with purpose, and snapping it through.

It was a strong effort in the second quarter, but the panthers would be down by 13 points headed into the next half.

The Under-18s were providing plenty of options and in the third they finally started to be rewarded.

In similar fashion to the last term the panthers did some damage early and really put their foot down in this quarter.

Noah Howes had significant impactful in this term, and would kick his first on a very tight angle from 15-metres out.

It didn’t take long for Noah to secure his second shortly after his first went through. This time it was from a miskick on the boundary which he’d mark. Lining up from 20-metres out on a tight angle. Doing well to finish, tying the game back up.

The contested work continued to shine, and the momentum was with the panthers.

Jay Chapman secured his first later in the term as he would get on the end of a spectacular handball, running on and kicking the goal, giving the panthers a lead.

Before the quarter would end Noah Howes would continue his great work and secured his third as his set shot was pure from 20-metres out on a tight angle.

The work rate had clearly lifted and the Under-18s continued this in the final term.

The fourth term was brutal, and it truly came down to which team was willing to give more. Neither side was able to sure a major score until late and the ball became incredibly contested.

The tackle counts were high due to this, and Blake Rodrigues would lead the team with 8 tackles to his name.

It would take a while until Dakota Sterzl was able to build the lead even further. His mark from 20-metres out was stelar, taking his time to line up and get his set shot to go through.

Sturt would reply but it wasn’t enough as Dakota Sterzl would kick his second in the dying seconds of the game. Again, coming from a set shot in front from 40-metres out. The kick was true, and the stadium erupted knowing that the game was all but secured.

As the siren would sound the Under-18s had done enough to get the 15-point victory.

Another great win for the Under-18s and their next chance will come after a short break on Saturday the 27th at Wigan Oval in a 11:00am timeslot.



South Adelaide Under-16 vs Sturt Under-16
Round 8 - Flinders University Stadium - 13/05/2023



South Adelaide2.



Goals: Kliems Carlaw 3, Carman, Voigt 2, Florance, Van Dyk
Disposals: Woods 30, Nye 26, Florance 21, Voigt 20, Carman 18
Best: Woods, Florance, Nye, Wiseman, Voigt

Match Replay


The events of Round 7 were a tough pill to swallow for the Under-16s as they would just go down to Glenelg.

Looking at Round 8 with Sturt it wasn’t going to be a push over, but the boys were up for the challenge in great conditions.

In the first term the Under-16s would hit the scoreboard early as Noah Kliems Carlaw would do well to complete his set shot in front from 25-metres out.

Next up was Patrick Carman as he would take a great one-on-one mark just outside the goal square on a tight angle. Making sure to finish his hard work, he would quickly kick the goal and build upon the early lead.

These efforts were quickly thwarted by a Sturt reply which would see the scores be even after the first term.

Both teams were using the ball well and making sure to make the most of their opportunities and in the second term it was evident neither team were going to give an inch.

The second quarter was back and forth as the game would come to a halt as both teams struggled to get score.

Cameron Woods would add to his impressive day during this quarter and would end the game with 30 disposals.

The Panthers were doing well to stop the Sturt attack and created plenty of options.

In the third term Sturt came out strong as they would dominate the first portion of the quarter. Kicking three major scores and causing the panthers to go onto the back foot.

As it transpired the Under-16s would rally and provide three of their own.

At the ten-minute mark of the quarter Cain Florance secured his first of the contest with a set shot from 25-metres out.

It wasn’t long until Archie Van Dyk was kicking his first with a set shot directly in front from 35-metres out.

Now with the momentum the panthers managed to pour another one on before the quarter would close Hudson Voigt being the supplier. After some great around the ground movement, he’d get on the end of a kick from 25-metres directly in front.

Closing the third term strong a massive effort was needed to finish this game with a win.

The fourth term started with a bang as Noah Kliems Carlaw would slot a major while being hunted down within the first minute of the final term.

It would remain close between the two sides until the final half of the term were the Panthers would kick two major scores in quick succession.

Noah Kliems Carlaw would provide his third from a set shot and Patrick Carman would kick an amazing goal on the boundary with no space left at all, snapping the ball, and somehow getting it to go in.

Sturt continued to fight hard, but it wasn’t enough as Hudson Voigt would kick a dagger as the quarter would end.

It was a whole game effort for the Under-16s, and they will look ahead to Sturt once again on Saturday the 27th of May at Wigan Oval from 1:30pm.


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