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Juniors Match Report: Round 15 v Central District

Juniors Match Report: Round 15 v Central District

24 July 2023

The Under-16's fall short in a great contest, while the Under-18's continue their push for finals.


South Adelaide Under-18 V Central District Under-18
Round 15 - Flinders University Stadium - 23/07/2023



South Adelaide1.

Central District1.

Goals: Delean 4, Barrett 2, Oliver, Sterzl, Wheaton
Disposals: Hargrave 25, Wheaton 24, Shortridge 23, Sheean, 19, Duke 18
Best: Wheaton, Sheean, Goad, Hargrave, Keir

Match Replay


A gutsy win in last week’s contest against Sturt has left the Under-18s in a position to build toward a top two finish in the competition.

Faced against Central District in Round 15, it was a critical game and a near top of the table clash; a win would result in the Under-18s matching their opponents record, so it was all on the line.

The first quarter was high action with both sides going at it, the Panthers made a statement of being strong across half-back early, giving them ample opportunities to rebound from this.

Jack Delean would break the silence of scoring in the contest, gathering a ground ball and adjusting with perfection, kicking his first.

The Dogs would go on and reply, leaving the first term in a stalemate as the pressure was not letting up.

The second quarter was following in the footsteps of the first, as both sides were applying relentless pressure.

The Panthers would do a better job in this term of adjusting to the conditions, Delean putting together a special game securing his second from a 25-metre set shot.

Moving the ball well, the Panthers would keep the footy in the attacking half and provide another major score shortly after.

Tom Wheaton, who was piecing together a strong game and immaculate second quarter, would take a mark and slot a 35-metre set shot.

At the end of the half the Panthers were in the lead by 8-points, with plenty of time left it was still either sides game.

The third term was a battle once again as neither side were able to break off and start a run.

The tackle count was reflective of this, as team leader Benny Barrett would end the match with 8 of his own. 

Out of the middle the Under-18's were strong and able to get the ball forward early into the hands of none other than Delean.

He would continue the trend of kicking the first goal of the term, and secured his third with a great snap along the boundary, finding the big sticks and building the led.

The back six were strong in the contest and halted many of the attempts by Central District only allowing a major and a minor to get through in the third term. 

With time winding down, Sebastian Oliver would kick a crucial goal, taking a great grab and securing a 35-metre set shot.

In the fourth quarter the Panthers put their foot down and didn’t let up, kicking four major scores.

The pressure was immaculate by the Panthers as Central District were only able to kick four goals in the entire game.

Barrett would seal his aggressive game with two major scores, a critical piece of the eventual win.

If it couldn’t get any better, Delean would secure his fourth of the day from a clean checkside while on the move.

The game now wide open the Panthers would keep the pressure up and not allow anything to get by.

Dakota Sterzl went and kicked the final goal for the Panthers, building the lead even further and the game would end with the home side up by 33-points.

Phoenix Hargrave was massive in the contest and found plenty of the ball as he finished on 25 disposals.

This strong win against the Dogs continues to push the Panther's hopes of a top of the table finish. The Under-18's will take on West Adelaide on Wednesday the 2nd of August at Hisense Stadium in a 7:15pm timeslot. 


South Adelaide Under-16 V Central District Under-16
Round 15 - Flinders University Stadium - 23/07/2023



South Adelaide2.

Central District3.


Goals: Dittmar 2, Bretones, Florance, Gordon, McGarry, Renshaw, Woods
Disposals: Nye 28, Simpson 19, Renshaw, Wigzell, Woods 18
Best: Nye, Renshaw, Viney, Simpson, Bird

Match Replay



The Under-16's were handed a tough loss in last week’s contest against Sturt, with the tank re-filled all efforts were turned towards Central District.

It was going to be a tough contest as Central District had proven to be one of the premier teams of the season.

In the first term the Panthers were looking slick, starting strong through the middle of the ground and making it a battle.

Jacob McGarry kicked the first goal for the Panthers, as he was able to shake his defender and snap the ball through for a major score with precision.

Both sides were attacking with force, the Dogs would go down the other end and reply but it wasn’t long until Ben Dittmar would take a garb and kick a booming set shot from 45-metres out.

The Panthers would end the quarter down by a goal.

In the second term the Under-16s would keep up the pressure and do well to stay in the game.

It was a slow start of the term, until Central District kicked the first goal. In the lapse the Panthers were unrelenting and making plenty of opportunities.

Dittmar would break the silence with his second goal. Gathering the high ball off the back of the pack, showing off some great footwork, turning and snapping around his body for a flashy score.

The boys were amped up after this and would head straight back down for another major score. Cameron Woods would gather while on the move, throw it on the boot and get it to roll through.

The Panthers finished the term behind by 1-point, it was still anyone’s game to win.

In the third quarter the Panthers were led astray, unable to facilitate and lowered the pressure slightly, allowing three major scores to be scored against them. 

The only Panther goal scorer for the term was Brodie Bretones, as his set shot from 40-metres out was impressive, this gave the boys the lead momentarily.

However, it was short lived as the Panthers would end the term down by 13-points.

It had to be a big last quarter for the Panthers, as a comeback was still on the cards. 

Cain Florance got the ball rolling early in the term with his goal, a quick and accurate kick from 30-metres while being hounded by a defender.

There was a lapse of scoring were the Panthers would work hard and eventually get the ball towards Lucas Gordon kicking a clutch goal and tying up the game.

Sadly, the boys would let the Dogs reply and gain a two-goal lead once more.

With time running out the late score from Thomas Renshaw wasn’t enough, the Panthers went down by 7-points, a brutal loss in what was a hard-fought contest.

Jesse Nye was electric all game ending with a team high 28 disposals and 10 tackles.

The Under-16's will look to get back in the winning column against West Adelaide on Wednesday the 2nd of August at Hisense Stadium in a 5:00pm timeslot.


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