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Juniors Match Report: Round 16 v West Adelaide

Juniors Match Report: Round 16 v West Adelaide

3 August 2023

The Under-18's continue their push for finals, while a late run by the Under-16's falls just short.


South Adelaide Under-18 V West Adelaide Under-18
Round 16 - Hisense Stadium - 02/08/2023



South Adelaide5.36.510.713.1088

West Adelaide0.

Goals: Shadforth 5, Agnew 3, Barrett, Borlace, Keir, Shortridge, Wheaton
Disposals: Wheaton 30, Hargrave 28, Draper 25, Shortridge 19, Barrett 18
Best: Shadforth, Schroder, Wheaton, Goad, Hargrave

Match Replay


The Under-18's have looked dominant across their last few contests, last week beating fellow finals contenders Central District in spectacular fashion.

Now under lights in Wednesday night clash against West Adelaide the boys were looking to continue the form heading towards a finals appearance.

To put it simply the first term was sheer dominance by the Panthers as they would only allow 1-point to sneak by.

Jake Agnew would strike first, a contest at the top of the square saw a quick outlet handball land in his lap, while being hounded by his defender the dribble kick was crisp securing his first.

The movement around the ground was extraordinary hitting every target along the way. It didn’t take long for the boys to get it back in the forward fifty.

Clay Shadforth started his conquest with a swift goal from 15-metres away after receiving an outlet handball. 

Agnew was on fire, running good lines and putting his skills to good use, his second goal coming from a quick kick under pressure, the ball shakily going through.

Clearing out the middle with purpose saw the ball sail into the attacking fifty, after an exit and swift re-entry towards the goals Benny Barrett would shake his defender and kick a belter.

With time now winding down Ryan Borlace did well to kick his first, snapping around his body and tumbling it through just before the siren.

In the driver’s seat early, it came to everyone’s surprise to see the events of the second term.

West Adelaide would take over and claw right back into the contest, kicking five major scores.

Shadforth was the only goal scorer for the Panthers in this term and he did so in spectacular style, getting a quick handball and wrapping around onto his strong right boot, snapping with precision, and securing his second.

It was apparent that the Panthers thought it was done early days as they became dormant in this term straying away from what was working and letting the clearance come easy to the opposition.

At the end of the half the Under-18's were leading by 8-points. With plenty of game left it was still anyone’s game.

Rolling into the third term the Panthers kicked back into gear, applying pressure, and making use of the corridor early.

Within seconds of the siren going Agnew was lining up for his third, the set shot from 15-metres all but secured as soon as it left his boot.

Following in quick succession was Shadforth as his set shot from 45-metres out was all class, acquiring his third of the contest.

It seemed that the Panthers were ready to lock in and build on the early efforts, but a West Adelaide run halted this in its tracks.

Shadforth would stop the bleeding and kick his fourth, turning on the jets and soccering the ball through for the finish.

In the dying seconds Cohen Shortridge provided a statement goal. Giving the panthers a 16-point lead heading into the final term.

It was still in the air as West Adelaide could start a run out of nowhere as they had done all game.

But the Panthers were on top and didn’t let anything get by them in this term. Westies only managing to kick one goal.

Zak Keir would kick his first early nailing a set shot from 45-metres out, a statement goal as it turned out.

It was an incredible night for Shadforth as he would get his fifth goal to go through in the final term, reading a contest perfectly and running onto an easy major score.

Tom Wheaton put on the finishing touches late, after a blunder by West Adelaide on the kick in he would find himself running toward an open goal kicking his first and adding to his impressive final count of 29 disposals.

The Under-18's got the job done and will look towards Norwood on Saturday the 12th at Flinders University Stadium in a 1:15pm timeslot.


South Adelaide Under-16 V West Adelaide Under-16
Round 16 - Hisense Stadium - 02/08/2023



South Adelaide2.

West Adelaide3.


Goals: Dittmar, Woods 2, Florance, McGarry, Simpson, Voigt
Disposals: Woods 29, Nye 22, Wigzell 19, Timpson 18. Savage 16
Best: Woods, Nye, Savage, McGarry, Simpson

Match Replay



The Under-16's just fell short of Central Districts in Round 15. In the Round 16 Wednesday night matchup, the Panthers looked to get the better of West Adelaide.

In the first term West Adelaide came out strong kicking the opening two goals, the Under-16's on the back foot early worked hard to get forward and create some opportunities.

Making use of the wings in this contest would be crucial, as it opened up the ground and gave the midfielders to time operate.

The first goal would come from Cameron Woods as he turned on the jets on the far side, got past his defender and unleashed from 50-metres out while on the move, kicking a statement goal.

The Panther's now with the momentum, would return to goals and kick another after Jacob McGarry was awarded a free kick within range did well to secure the 30-metre goal.

At the end of the first it was close and there was still plenty of time to build a lead.

It was a slow going second term as the Under-16's were unable to kick a goal. The pressure from Westies had lifted majorly and getting past the defensive line became a major challenge.

Thomas Simpson was matching the energy and ended with a team high 7 tackles.

With a low scoring second term the Under-16's would end the first half down by 12-points, still looking strong and had plenty in the tank.

It was back and forth in the third quarter, as the Panthers couldn’t minimize the deficit. West Adelaide matching the Under-16's this term.

Ben Dittmar got the ball rolling with his 35-metre set shot, a crucial major score.

The Panther's were working hard to get back forward and it didn’t take long for them to do so, Simpson kicking a beauty along the boundary line from 25-metres away.

It was still anyone’s contest but in the fourth quarter it was going to take a team effort to pull off the comeback.

West Adelaide was in charge for most of this contest, but the fourth quarter was a spectacle from the Panthers.

An early opposition goal was tough to swallow, and the squad replied with a massive offensive flurry.

Dittmar kicked his second from a 35-metre set shot, this started a major momentum swing.

Cain Florance following suit after he laid a crushing tackle the kick from 15-metres away around the corner was smooth.

It didn’t stop here, a quick clearance towards Woods saw him put the burners on and kick another 50-metre bomb while on the move. He was electric all contest ending with a game high 29 disposals.

The boys were up and about and now only down by 3-points, sadly enough West Adelaide would reply and leave the panthers in a tough spot.

Hudson Voigt did manage to kick one late, but it wasn’t enough, the Panther's falling short by 2-points despite the late effort.

A crushing blow for the young Panther's, their next game will be against Norwood on Saturday the 12th at Flinders University Stadium in an 11:00am timeslot.


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