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Juniors Match Report: Round 17 v Norwood

Juniors Match Report: Round 17 v Norwood

14 August 2023

The Juniors make quick work of Norwood on Saturday Afternoon.


South Adelaide Under-18 V Norwood Under-18
Round 17 - Flinders University Stadium - 12/08/2023



South Adelaide1.


Goals: Duke, Goss, Hargrave, Howes, Pearsons, Shortridge, Sterzl
Disposals: Hargrave 25, Pearsons 22, Draper 21, Hamilton, Rodrigues, Sterzl 19
Best: Hargrave, Draper, Sterzl, Pearsons, Barrett

Match Replay



The Under-18's have been dominant in the late stage of the season as they entered their game against Norwood on a 3-game wining streak.

It was critical to keep up the form as with some luck the top spot could be secured for the Panther's, a truly great feat if it could be done.

On the home deck for the last time of the minor season, in less-than-ideal conditions the stage was set, and the Panthers were ready.

Out the gate the Panthers were looking smooth as Ryan Pearsons was able to kick his first within a minute of the opening siren.

It became quite stagnant after this as the corridor tightened up and the skills tapered off momentarily.

The stoppage work was strong, but the pressure was up on Norwood’s end and the quarter ended in a stalemate.

It would open up for the Under-18's in the second term as they would get back to their standard of footy, securing four goals in the quarter.

Noah Howes, Oliver Goss, Ayden Duke all securing their first goals from impressive set shots.

It looked easy for the Panthers in this term as they would keep Norwood locked down, only getting 1-point kicked against them.

With time winding down Cohen Shortridge would get on the end of a difficult ball and kick a beauty around his body.

The first half was impressive from the Panthers and as supporters we expect nothing less. Going into the third term, the boys were in the lead by 28-points.

The conditions were difficult to overcome in the third quarter as it became quite the challenge for the Panthers to keep the ball off the deck.

Dakota Sterzl was the only Panther able to kick a goal in the third quarter, putting on a display while doing it, picking up the loose ball with precision and snapping around his body from 35-metres out.

Only 2-points would get past the Under-18's, Sebastian Oliver being a rock all day totalling 11 tackles for the day, joining Benny Barrett who had 10 of his own. 

In the final quarter it was all but confirmed that the Panthers would walk away with the win.

Phoenix Hargrave kicking his first early in the fourth, a goal for the ages which he made look easy. Streaming out wide near the boundary and from 50 out on a few steps the kick was pure. Adding a major to his 25 disposals was an impressive display.

The Under-18's would get up by 40-points and now preparations will begin for the all-important clash against top of the table rival Woodville-West Torrens in a game which will decide the top position.

The clash will take place at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval on Sunday the 20th of August in a 1:15pm timeslot.


South Adelaide Under-16 V Norwood Under-16
Round 17 - Flinders University Stadium - 12/08/2023



South Adelaide2.66.1010.1714.21105



Goals: Duffield 3, Edwards, McGarry, Voigt 2, Grund, McDonald, Nye, Renshaw, Viney 
Disposals: Nye 30, Woods 28, Edwards 23, McDonald 20, Florance 18
Best: Nye, Woods, Edwards, McDonald, Renshaw

Match Replay



It has been a tough season for the Under-16's, but this hasn’t stopped the squad from going out and giving it 110% every week.

Against Norwood in Round 17 the young Panthers looked to finish strong in their final home game of the season.

In the first term the Under-16's were inaccurate kicking 2.6 for the quarter. Luckily enough the opposition was unable to hit the scoreboard in any capacity.

The movement with the ball was smooth and it was clear that Norwood were going to be in for a long day.

Jacob McGarry getting the boys off the ground with the first major of the day early in the term.

It was a strong showing in the first term as Elliot Duffield would go and kick his first during the midpoint of the quarter.

Despite the scrappy entries forward it was looking promising defensively.

This would continue into the second term as Norwood would remain scoreless once again.

The Panthers putting on the pressure and kicking four major scores during the quarter.

Hudson Voigt, Thomas Renshaw, and Jesse Nye all managing to kick their first in this term. Nye ended his day with a staggering 30 disposals, six tackles and one goal, a truly masterful performance.

It was sheer dominance all around the ground as Norwood just had to sit back and watch it unfold.

Duffield would get his second in stylish fashion as he shook his defender and bent the ball with precision through the big sticks.

At the end of the half the Panthers were in the driver’s seat, leading by 46 points.

The third quarter was a lot of the same as the Panthers were unbelievable, the only difference being that Norwood would manage to secure 8 points.

Brock Grund and Kodah Edwards would kick their first adding to the major deficit the Under-16's were building.

The clearance work was some of the best the squad had displayed all season as it just seemed certain the ball was going to the advantage of the Panthers.

Voigt showing his skills as his second of the day would cruise through and Duffield kept the foot on the gas as he would kick his third.

In the final quarter the Under-16's once again kept Norwood scoreless, a truly unbelievable display.

Joshua Viney and Brady McDonald joining the other 7 unique goal scorers, meaning a massive 9 players would secure a goal during this contest.

Edwards and McGarry would round up the goal kicking and propel the Panther's to a 97-point victory over Norwood.

It goes without saying the play all around the ground was spectacular.

With one round left for the Under-16's it would be great to see another win on the board next week against Woodville-West Torrens at Maughan Thiem Kia Oval on Sunday the 20th  of August in an 11:00am timeslot.


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