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Juniors Match Report: Round 18 v Woodville-West Torrens

Juniors Match Report: Round 18 v Woodville-West Torrens

21 August 2023

The Under-18's lock in top spot, and the Under-16's finish on a high.


South Adelaide Under-18 V Woodville-West Torrens Under-18
Round 18 - Maughan Thiem Kia Oval - 20/08/2023



South Adelaide2.


Goals: Delean 4, Howes, Shadforth 2, Shortridge
Disposals: Hargrave 20, Draper, Wheaton 19, Barrett, Pearsons 15
Best: Delean, Barrett, Schroder, Rodrigues, Wheaton

Match Replay



After securing a finals birth in the Round 17 win against Norwood, it was time to lock in top spot on the ladder. 

Faced against Woodville-West Torrens, who had been in fine form the entire season, it was fitting the final game of the home and away season had such high stakes. 

The first term started off slow for the Panthers and it was evident the pressure was going to be through the roof in this contest.

The Eagles managed to kick two majors off the bat, forcing the Panthers to adjust early.

After a stint at SANFL League level, Jack Delean's return was handy.  A stoppage near the goals would see this draft-hopeful read the play perfectly, getting loose and kicking the open goal.

Out the middle the Under-18's were kicking into gear and it wasn’t long until the ball was streaming forward.

Cohen Shortridge would take a diligent grab and play on dribbling through his first major score.

It was a great first term and in the second it was no different. These sides becoming inseparable.

Woodville-West Torrens started strong once again but the reply from the Panthers was grand.

Delean continued his incredible form with his second from just shy of 50-metres early in the term.

The Panthers were battling and the movement through the middle of the ground was textbook.

It opened up for the Panthers and they began to get it forward with ease. Clay Shadforth managed to kick his first from 45-metres out.

The confidence was up, and the Panthers did well to get the ball around the ground smoothly. Noah Howes kicking the last major of the term for the Panthers.

At the end of the half the Panthers were up by 5-points.

It was going to be a battle, and to win would require a whole team contribution. Phoenix Hargrave led from the front with 20 disposals, followed by Sid Draper and Tom Wheaton with 19 disposals each. 

The Eagles started strong once again in the third, a trend which could be costly as they would take the lead back.

Struggling to get free in this term it came down to sheer determination and grit for the Panthers. Making use of their opportunities in this quarter, Delean would get the ball rolling as his third had the boys up and about.

It would become a back and forth contest after this as Woodville-West Torrens were equally as determined for top spot. 

Shadforth and Howes secured their second majors through this term, these both being incredibly impactful in hindsight.

Heading into the final quarter there was only one point in it and neither side was backing down, each knowing what this game decided.

Out of the opening clearance the Panthers caused a turnover and put the skills to use in a textbook passage, hitting targets and getting it forward toward to Delean. The snap was pure and his fourth was secured.

Woodville-West Torrens got one right back and keeping this contest in contention. It would come down to the wire with the minor scores being incredibly important for the outcome of this game.

The pressure stayed up all quarter with the team registering 38 tackles, Blake Rodrigues leading with 7.

It took everything in the tank and the Panthers did well to enforce defensive pressure and they got over the line by just 4-points.

With that masterful game and incredible contest, the Under-18's have locked up top position on the ladder.

An incredible feat and a testament to this side, the Panthers will prepare for the upcoming final series with details to be confirmed. 


South Adelaide Under-16 V Woodville-West Torrens Under-16
Round 18 - Maughan Thiem Kia Oval - 20/08/2023



South Adelaide3.15.511.613.987



Goals: Carman 5, Duffield 2, Edwards, McGarry, Nye, Simpson, Voigt, Woods
Disposals: Woods 29, Nye 23, Wigzell 19, Edwards, Florance 16
Best: Carman, Nye, Woods, Edwards, Wigzell

Match Replay



After a dominant display in last week’s contest against Norwood, it was clear the Under-16's had what it takes to finish their season on a high. 

With one game left of Season 2023, the Panthers were ready to take on the Eagles in a Sunday morning time slot. 

It was a slow start in the first term as Woodville-West Torrens did well to find their footing early. It wouldn’t be until Jacob McGarry got loose and found himself within range 10 minutes into the quarter when the wheels began to turn for the Panthers

The clearance work became cleaner after the first major was on the board, and it was only a matter of time until the Panthers were kicking away. 

The boys would go coast to coast and find Elliott Duffield with plenty of space, and with a wide-open goal in front of him the conversion was easy.

Defending well early was crucial in this contest and it was clear the Panthers were applying the pressure to their opposition. 

Patrick Carman would finish the first quarter off nicely, with his gutsy goal from 20-metres out, getting dragged to the ground while he got it to his boot.

In the second term the Eagles did well to respond to the early efforts made by the Panthers, kicking four major scores, and keeping this contest alive.

It would take until the middle of the term once again for the Panthers to hit the scoreboard with a goal of their own.

The ground seemingly opening up within a moment’s notice, Hudson Voigt did well to take advantage of this and his set shot from 20-metres out was pure.

It wasn’t long until Thomas Simpson was following suit, as his goal from 25-metres out was smooth.

At the end of the first half the Panthers would find themselves down by 6-points after a late surge by the Eagles.

In the third term it is fair to say Carman was nothing short of exceptional. Working some magic and putting the team on his back kicking four major scores and getting his total tally for the day up to five.

His presence was felt across the ground, lifting the squad alongside him.

Kodah Edwards and Cameron Woods making sure to contribute to the scoreboard also in this term. Woods would go on to lead from the front with a game high 29 disposals.

The Panthers were working non-stop hitting every contest with pressure, with a team total of 47 tackles for the day.

At the end of the third the Panthers would be up by 12-points.

With a handy lead headed into the final quarter of the season the Panthers knew it was time to leave it all out on the field. 

With some handy majors from Elliott Duffield and Jesse Nye the game was secured and the Panthers finished their season on a high note.

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