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Lumin Match Report: SANFL Round 13 v Sturt

Lumin Match Report: SANFL Round 13 v Sturt

9 July 2024

South Adelaide v Sturt

Round 13 - Thomas Farms Oval - 7/07/2024









7.12 (54)





11.9 (75)

Fitt, S. Draper, Clavarino, Schuback, Northam

Grocock, Hindes 2, Davis, Fitt, Freitag




Panthers fall to the Double Blues.


The League side were looking to get back into the winner’s circle in their Round 13 clash against Sturt.

No better way to do it then on a crisp Sunday afternoon with plenty of purpose to play for.

A special occasion for one Hayden Sampson who was lacing up for his 100th game. A player who embodies the spirit of SAFC and a person who was sure to light up the deck as soon as the siren went.

Alongside this, the club congratulates debutant Ollie Northam on his first League game. Nothing but the best for a player who was set to make an impact right away.


The first term was looking good for the League side as they’d move well when they had the footy and made sure to be secure with it around stoppages and when transitioning.

Sam Hindes got on the end of his first after a great passage down the wing, slotting the set shot from 15-metres out.

Corey Grocock followed suit and he secured his first goal at League level. It was looking like the boys had it all figured out, with the back line impacting well at the start of this quarter.

Sturt would follow up and bring the contest back into contention. The term ending in a stalemate at 13-points apiece.

The start of the second term wasn’t ideal as Sturt came out swinging, putting the boys on the back foot early.

Oliver Davis would kick one in the midst of this to try and alleviate the damage. His hunt for the ball was second to none in the contest also, ending with a team high 12 tackles.

It seemed as if the pressure at the ball dropped partially and the boys had to lift if they had any chance of winning this contest.

When the League side had the ball in possession, most of the play looked impactful. Lowering the eyes and making sure to get into good spots.

Around the stoppage is where the boys had to impact and they were doing alright in this facet.

Damon Freitag would get the ball back after a stoppage, snapping around his body from 25-metres out and getting a much-needed score on the board.

By the end of the quarter, the Panthers were down by 17-points, a deficit which can definitely be chased down.

Hindes was great in this game and he deservingly got on the end of his second major to start the quarter.

The league side owned the third quarter. Accumulating a majority of the scoring shots in this quarter.

Stemming from the hard work out the middle and from down back where the transition play was creating space up the ground.

The back six was locking down in the third term, making every entry for Sturt a real battle.

Grocock would also kick his second major, doing well to beat his opponent and finish the work, while Liam Fitt would do well to get free and attempt to bring the game back into contention late.

With the possession mostly in the Panthers forward fifty, it was unfortunate to see that the boys were slightly inaccurate during the quarter, kicking three goals and eight points.

At the end of the third, the Panthers were right back in it, working hard to gain back the lead. Although it was a 1-point difference, the vibe throughout the group was up, so close to getting the job done.

It was too good to be true, however. Sturt would siege early once again and cause the Panthers to be chasing a sizable margin for the last quarter, one of which was too much to handle.

Sturt made every passage of play look disjointed as they ran to the finish line. The League side unable to cause any damage, only securing 1-point in the term.

Kobe Mutch battled all day in the middle as his 29 disposals were all impactful in getting the boys into scoring position.

It was a tough blow to see a game which was certainly winnable slip away.

Oliver Clavarino should be mentioned as his kicking skills out back were highly impactful. 15 kicks out the backline which all helped in the attempt to beat the Double Blues.

The League side's next chance will come against North Adelaide on Saturday the 13th at Victor Harbor oval in a 2:30pm timeslot.

South Adelaide Reserves v Sturt Reserves

Round 13 - Thomas Farms Oval - 7/07/2024









9.8 (62)





9.8 (62)

McGary, D. Draper, Tucker, Collins, Hoeck

Draper 3, Lambert 2, Bedford, Dunshea, Pilmore, Rodrigues




After a tough contest last round and the resulted loss, the Reserves were looking to reel it back in against Sturt.

The first quarter was a low scoring affair, with the Reserves getting used to their opponent and how they were lining up.

A few passages of clean play made it look like the side were ready to put on a show early, however, this contest was a slow burn.

Sturt would break through the lines in the first while the Panthers struggled to get past and create some opportunities up forward.

The backline starting strong in their attempts to stop the opposition from piling on the majors.

At the end of the quarter the Panthers were down by 11-points.

It was a spectacle in the second, with the boys turning it up a level, doing well to stop any run and putting their stamp on the game.

Dylan Draper and Harvey Lambert would kick goals in swift succession which brought the boys right back into the game, alleviating the stress and setting the side up for the rest of the quarter.

While Sturt would do well to equalise, it wasn’t long before the great transition ball was leading to more scores.

The drive from out back was notably impressive as they’d operate with precision from that area of the ground.

Scott Bedford and Nic Dunshea would end the quarter off with a bang, respectively working hard and making sure to finish the work that was put in all across the ground.

At the end of the half, the Reserves had tied the scores, making for a dramatic second half.

The third term was owned by the Panthers as they were operating effectively in this quarter.

Lambert and Draper were making their presence known once again as they’d both confirm their second majors of the day in this quarter.

Out the middle it was looking clean and all across the ground the boys were holding strong.

Blake Rodrigues would also get on the end of his first early in the quarter, while Sturt struggled to keep up.

By the end of it, the Reserves had garnered a 12-point lead. All they had to do was keep up the work rate.

It was set to be a climactic finish, Sturt creating stress almost instantly as they brought the game back to a goal and eventually a 1-point difference just before the 9-minute mark.

The Reserves knew what was on the line and they battled to finish this game.

Draper with his third major steadied the ship while Bailey Pilmore did well to give the boys a lead late in the contest.

The legs were heavy, and it was nearly a done deal. But in a crushing blow, Sturt would reply with two late goals to bring the game back to a stalemate.

An opposition goal after the siren would undo the hard work and leave both sides at 62-points apiece.

It was a tough pill to swallow, the visible defeat seen across the ground in what was one of the best displays the Reserves had put on all year.

Cooper Rogers was great when he had the ball in his hands once again, ending with a team high 26 disposals on the day.

All that can be done now is to prepare for next rounds challenge against North Adelaide on Saturday the 13th at Flinders University Stadium in a 9:30am timeslot.

About the Author:Bailey Hutchinson

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