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Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 8 v North Adelaide

Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 8 v North Adelaide

5 June 2023

South Adelaide @ North Adelaide
Round 8 - Prospect Oval - 04/06/2023



South Adelaide3.18.59.811.1278

North Adelaide


Goals: Sproule 3, Fitt, Shillabeer 2, Freitag, Heaslip, E. Smith, Wilkinson
Disposals: Broadbent, Dunkin, O'Neill 21, Ramsay 20, Haines, Mutch 19
Best: Brooksby (Thanks to Betta Home Living McLaren Vale & Victor Harbor), Clavarino (Thanks to Sports Power), Ramsay (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Haines, Heaslip 
Injuries: Sproule, Rose
Crowd: 1,691

Match Replay



The South Adelaide League and Reserves side put on great performances at Prospect Oval in a dominant Sunday afternoon.


It has been a tough few weeks for the League, in Round 7 just falling short the top side Sturt. It was time for a bounce back against North Adelaide at Prospect Oval.

The first quarter was tightly contested with neither side being able to break away at any point, giving the Panthers a challenge.

After some hard work around the ground, it began to open up as a slick passage of play saw the footy get into the capable hands of Liam Fitt who shrugged off his defender did well to adjust on the run and snap it for goal from 40-metres out.

North Adelaide would reply but this was quickly met with some angst from the Panthers who moved the ball back forward.

The pressure was immense in the forward fifty and Zach Sproule would lay a tackle which would result in him getting a clean look at goal. Going back and not wasting the opportunity the kick was pure, giving the league side the lead.

It became congested once more as smooth transitions around the ground became hard to come by. After a hard go at it the League side were moving it back towards the attacking half.

Before the quarter closed out the footy was back with Zach Sproule as he took a grab at the top of the goal square. Without a shadow of a doubt, it was sailing through for his second of the contest.

Moving on to the second quarter the tides began to shift towards the League side as they would take change in this time.

Ben Shillabeer started the term off strong as his dribble kick under pressure would trickle through for the first of the quarter.

In command the Panthers would supply another shortly after moving it freely and getting it towards Ely Smith, while on the move a streaming toward goal the kick was good, giving him his first of the day.

The offence was flowing early for both sides as North Adelaide would reply with purpose.

The league side met this perfectly with two more in swift succession. Damon Freitag continuing on his recent form with a spectacular set shot close to the boundary line 50-metres away from home.

As it turned out it was Liam Fitt, and his second major score created a statement after a shifty outlet handball from Eamon Wilkinson saw him wide open and ready to push the lead further ahead.

The efforts all around the ground was classy especially in Matthew Broadbent with his 21 disposals.

Before the quarter would close Sproule would work his magic once more, ready the bounce of the footy perfectly, peeling away from the pack moving forward and snapping around his body with finesse. Securing his third major score and providing an assertive goal.

It was a great first half from the Panthers and it had them in the lead by 20-points.

Looking toward the third term it began to slow down majorly as both sides struggled around goal.

The effort was still there but both sides began to tighten up in defence. The midfield doing well to work back and make it a hard day for North Adelaide during this quarter.

Eamon Wilkinson found himself having a great quarter as he would supply the only major score of the term as well as building on his high tackle count, finishing with 11. 

In the later portion of the term the ball would fly forward towards Wilkinson when he would pick up the footy with one hand and finished well within the goal square while being hounded by his defender.

The pressure was immense and headed towards the final quarter it was still anyone’s game.

South Adelaide was looking like the better side and with the tank running low the League boys dug deep and got the job done.

Ben Heaslip got on the end of a quick kick after some confusion down the ground. Now in range 25-metres away from home, the kick was smooth, and it was looking like South Adelaide’s game to lose.

The dominance continued and a sigh of relief was expressed as Ben Shillabeer kicked his second major score and the squad’s final goal in the middle of the term.

All that needed to be done now was to hold on and lock up the passages from North Adelaide.

After a hard few weeks, the siren sounded, and the Panthers finally got the win they were looking for.

It was a hard fight, and the boys were hurting after this one with a few notable players not returning during this contest.

Mitch O’Neill and Elliot Dunkin would also have 21 disposals during this contest as their impact was vital in getting over the line.

Round 9 will bring its own set of challenges as the league side get ready to face Norwood at Flinders University Stadium on Monday the 12th for a King’s Birthday Clash at 2:10pm.

South Adelaide Reserves vs North Adelaide Reserves
Round 8 - Prospect Oval - 04/06/2023



South Adelaide3.17.510.614.993

North Adelaide2.


Goal: Nye 4, Hindes 3, Cockshell 2, Birt, Hayes, Kraemer, Rogers, Spacie
Disposals: Birt 22, Kramer, Nye, Spacie 20, Schuback 19
Best: Nye (Thanks to Sports Power), Megins, Hayes, Hindes, Kraemer

Match Replay


In Round 7 Sturt proved too much to handle for the Reserves but a new week means a new chance at getting into the winning column. In Round 8 at Prospect Oval against North Adelaide the reserves had that chance.

It was a slow start for the Reserves as they let North Adelaide score the first two majors of the day. The ball movement was stagnant, and it was a challenge to get forward.

The drought would end later in the quarter in spectacular fashion. Liam Nye was the first South Adelaide goal scorer for the day just shy of the 18-minute mark.

The clearances became came around a lot easier after this point and the stoppages around the ground were clean by the Reserves.

Nick Kraemer would finish his hard work with a set shot from 45-metres out to give the reserves their second of the day.

Now in gear it wasn’t long until it was back forward and the footy would find itself landing it the safe hands of Koby Cockshell. Finishing on a set shot from 40-metres out directly in front.

With that solid end to the quarter the momentum was with the Panthers, and they kept this going headed into the second term.

It was a Panther masterclass in the second quarter as North Adelaide were unable to score. The constant offence and pressure from the whole squad was too much to handle.

Sam Hindesstarted the charge by the Reserves early in the term with a massive set shot from beyond the 50-metre arch.

This was a tone setter for the rest of the quarter, the ball was moving well, and North couldn’t find an answer.

It was Hindes once again doing damage later in the term as he got on the end of another big set shot from 40-metres out.

Now in full swing it wasn’t long until Koby Cockshell had it back in his hands after a coast-to-coast play by the panthers. Cockshell doing well to complete his set shot on a tight angle from 40-metres out.

The flurry of the second term would be capped off nicely by Liam Nye with his set shot from 30-metres.

A dominant half of footy from the Reserves had them ahead by 35-points, a comfortable lead but still plenty of time to add onto it.

In the third quarter it was the Reserves once again going to work and building on their lead. In full control of the ball and using it incredibly efficiently.

Lachlan Hayes started the quarter off on a positive note as his shot while on the run was all class, getting the footy to drift through for his first major of the day.

After some time, Nye found himself in space streaming toward the goals, while on the move doing well to secure his third goal of the day.

North Adelaide would finally reply with one of their own. Cooper Rogers making sure to counter the Roosters goal after he received an outlet pass 25-metres away from home, finishing strong.

The fourth quarter was an all-out brawl as both sides were firing from all cylinders, but for North Adelaide it was too late.

Liam Nye secured his fourth goal of the day a major effort, while Sam Hindes also capped off his solid performance with a third major score.

It goes without saying that the Reserves were doing all the right things winning the contest all day, Isaac Birt being impressive through the midfield, tallying up 22 disposals by the end of the game. Also kicking a goal in this quarter, rounding off his immaculate performance.

The Reserves would supply one more off the boot of Harry Spacie before the game was over, giving the panthers a convincing 53-point victory.

South were in charge all day at it was a display of where this team can get with this type of effort.

With that victory the Reserves will look to continue this form against Norwood in a King’s Birthday clash at Flinders University Stadium on Monday the 12th at 11:30am.


About the Author:Bailey Hutchinson

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