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Statesman Windows Match Report: Juniors Round 13 v Sturt

Statesman Windows Match Report: Juniors Round 13 v Sturt

9 July 2024

South Adelaide Under-18 v Sturt Under-18

Round 13 - Flinders University Stadium - 6/07/2024









2.7 (19)





9.9 (63)

Hargrave, C. Shortridge, Barrett, Savage, Chapman

Dittmar, Sterzl


Tough Going Against the Double Blues.


After a narrow loss in their last contest, the Under-18s were looking to get back on track against Sturt.

The first term wasn’t ideal for the boys, but it was clear they were ready to fight for their spot in the contest.

Sturt would chip away at the side, slowly building in the process during the quarter.

The ball movement was quick but seemingly 1 more possession away from opening up.

By the end of it, the opposition had a 19-point lead. The Panthers only managing to kick 2-points.

In the second quarter it was a dog fight, the side doing well to win the 50/50 balls while rolling the dice to get something to happen.

After a Sturt major during the middle of the term, Benjamin Dittmar would do well to get the Under-18s on the board with a major. His set shot from 35-metres out looking smooth as it sailed through.

The pressure at the ball was excellent in the second and it set the standard. Although the offensive wasn’t coming, it was clear the boys were willing to work for it.

At the end of the half, the boys were down by 19-points. With another half awaiting, it was still plenty of time.

It was a lot of the same in the third, as it was a struggle to get forward and cause some damage, putting a lot of pressure on the boys down back.

To their credit, they did incredibly well to stop most of the play that was coming at them, while also distributing out of the area well.

The Panthers wouldn’t get on the board with a major while Sturt did manage to break through.

The term ending with the Under-18s down by 25-points.

In the last quarter unfortunately, Sturt would put the contest to bed wearing down the side and putting their final stamp on the game.

Dakota Sterzl would kick the second South major of the contest, but it wasn’t enough to get the momentum in the Under-18s favour.

In the 44-point loss, Phoenix Hargrave was impactful with his 29 disposals. Doing all he could out the middle.

The boys will regroup and get ready to face North Adelaide on Saturday the 13th at Prospect Oval in a 1:50pm timeslot.

South Adelaide Under-16 v Sturt Under-16

Round 12 - Flinders University Stadium - 6/07/2024









3.6 (24)





11.7 (73)

Clifton, Althorp, K. Shortridge, Lock, Davey

Baker, Farley, Lamshed



After a dominant win in Round 11, the Under-16s were looking to keep their hot form going against Sturt.

To start the contest, it was looking as though the side were going to own the quarter, getting forward with ease to start the day.

Sturt would begin to siege and put the boys under the pump, Ashley Lamshed and Noah Farley managing to kick the only South majors of the term.

It was tough down back, the opposition would leave the Panthers down by 10-points.

In the second term the pressure didn’t let up and the boys were under fire again.

Marley Baker would do well to bring the deficit back to 4-points with his early score right out of the opening clearance.

This was the last major the boys would kick for the term, as it was difficult to navigate through the harsh defence.

It was clear something needed to be tightened up to get back into this contest.

Despite the offensive lapse, the pressure acts were still up and without them it could have gotten much worse.

At the end of the half, the Under-16s were down by 21-points.

The next half was tough for the boys as all their efforts were thwarted.

Sturt continued to score, while all the boys could do was attempt to mitigate the damage.

Ethan Sheppard was great all day as he was damaging with his 22 disposals, attempting to help the boys in any way he could.

Sturt would head into the last quarter with a 34-point lead, a sizable amount which will take some work to get back.

Unfortunately, in the last term, it was a lot of the same for the side, as they struggled to move the ball freely.

It was a tough challenge for the boys and unluckily enough, it was too much to handle.

The Under-16s going down by 49-points on the day. They will attempt to bounce back against North Adelaide on Saturday the 13th at Prospect Oval in an 11:30am timeslot.

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