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Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 12 v North Adelaide

Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 12 v North Adelaide

10 July 2023

The Reserves impressed against the Roosters, while inaccuracy cost the League side.

South Adelaide V North Adelaide
Round 12 - Flinders University Stadium - 08/07/2023



South Adelaide1.

North Adelaide2.


Goals: Shillabeer 2, Wilkinson
Disposals: Haines 28, Davis 23, Sampson 22, Gibbs, Tucker 21
Best: Clavarino (Thanks to Betta Home Living McLaren Vale & Victor Harbor), Davis (Thanks to Sports Power), Tucker (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Haines, Sampson
Injuries: Shillabeer
Crowd: 815

Match Replay




With the League side fresh off a great win against Woodville-West Torrens it was time to make a run and capitalise on the form.

It was also an exciting time for two debutants in Scott Bedford (#1816) and Sid Draper (#1817) as they laced up for the League side in Round 12. 

The home deck was looking a bit worse for wear, meaning it was going to be a battle of pressure, something we know this side is capable of given their performance the previous week. 

North Adelaide started well as they moved the ball forward smoothly, providing a major score early.

A succession of minor scores would follow on from this until Ben Shillabeer supplied the breakthrough. After a downfield call was made, resulting from a late hit on first-gamer Bedford, Shillabeer was lining up from 50-metres out, the kick was sensational and put the panthers into the lead momentarily.

North would go on a get the lead back by the end of the quarter, putting the league side back down by five points headed into the second term.

There was a drought on the field as both sides in the quarter were unable to kick a major score in the second quarter. 

The game was seriously congested, as clearing the ball became a difficult task for the Panthers. Oliver Davis was putting on the clamps in this quarter as he ended the game with 8 tackles.

Hayden Sampson  was also a bright spot in this term as he was gathering plenty of the football, making opportunities and fighting hard as usual, finishing with 22 disposals.

As it transpired the deficit would be unaffected heading into the main break, with the Panthers trailing by five points.

The league side were still battling hard, and it was clear they could get back into this game.

In the third quarter it was slow again as the pressure was intense, but Eamon Wilkinson made sure to break the mould and get a goal top go through early.

After getting on the end of a beautiful kick from Darnell Tucker the set shot was lined up, 50-metres away from home Wilkinson in a usual standard made it look easy.

The lead was back in South Adelaide’s hands for a matter of seconds as North would fire away in this term, going on to kick three major scores quickly.

A crushing blow as it was increasingly difficult to find a major score in this contest.

The quarter would close with the Panther's down by 15 points, a deficit which could be enough to secure the points in these conditions. 

With the game now on the line Shillabeer did all he could to bring the panthers back as his second goal from 20-metres out was vital.

North Adelaide would kick one more major score and which secured the win over an inacurate South Adelaide side. 

Despite the loss Joseph Haines continued his impressive form, accumulating 28 disposals. 

The league side will take this loss on and attempt to move past it, making sure to prepare well for a contest against Sturt on Sunday the 16th at Wigan Oval in a 2:10pm timeslot.

South Adelaide Reserves V North Adelaide Reserves
Round 12 - Flinders University Stadium - 08/07/2023



South Adelaide1.

North Adelaide3.


Goal: Cockshell, Dunshea, Flett, Freitag, Kantilla
Disposals: Bradley 32, Gunther 23, Hayes, Spacie 21, Kirkland, Lovering 19
Best: Gunther (Thanks to Sports Power), Collins, Spacie, Gill, Brown

Match Replay


A loss against Woodville-West Torrens last week made for an intense week on the track with all sights set on North Adelaide at the home deck.

In overcast conditions the Reserves were ready to fight hard for this win.

The first term was less than ideal as the Panthers were slow to start off, allowing three major scores to get through.

It was going to be a challenge to win cleanly out of contests around the ground as the pressure was through the roof.

Luckily for South Jack Flett’s set shot from 30-metres out in the middle of the term was pure.

Providing a much-needed morale boost for the squad. It wasn’t going to be easy an easy task putting away this squad.

Down by 10 points headed into the second term there was still plenty to play for. 

The second term was slow going once again with both sides struggling to kick major scores.

Koby Cockshell made sure to capitalise on his opportunities up forward as he would kick the only major score for the Reserves in this term.

With a darting ball flying toward the goal square Cockshell was smooth with his pickup and classy with his dribble kick. Providing a necessary major score.

North would reply in this term, but South would win the minor score battle closing the deficit to 6-points at the end of the quarter.

With it still being anyone’s game, the reserves made sure to keep the work rate up, Angus Bradley doing well to gather the footy and distribute around the ground, finishing his game with a massive 32 disposals.

The conditions were making it a challenge for both sides and the effects began to show in the second half of football.

It was all a pressure game from this point forward Jacob Collins being the catalyst of this movement, ending with a massive 18 tackles.

The Panthers would provide all of their scoring early in the third quarter. Damon Freitag in typical fashion did well from 45-metres out with a set shot.

While Nic Dunshea would get his hands on the footy shortly after, a messy entrance resulted in the best-case scenario as he would shake his defender and quickly get the footy onto his boot, kicking his first and pushing the Panthers into the lead by 7 points.

Neither side could do much in terms of scoring after this and the quarter would end with the Panthers up by 8 points.

It was clear that both sides were fighting for this one, knowing a couple of goals could make all the difference.

The fourth quarter was slow again, in line with how the contest was going all day.

Kim Kantilla was the only goal scorer in the term, his set shot from 40-metres out on a tough angle was class, the rest of the boys making sure to get around him.

As it turned out this was enough to solidify the win for the panthers in this game as North were unable to reply against the immense South Adelaide pressure.

It was a gutsy showing from the Reserves in a game which could have gone either way in the blink of an eye.

With a win on the board the reserves will prepare for Sturt on Sunday the 16th at Wigan Oval in an 11:30am timeslot.


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