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Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 6 @ Norwood

Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 6 @ Norwood

10 May 2022

Lumin Sports Round 6 Match Report

South Adelaide vs Norwood
Round 6 - Cooper's Stadium - 07/05/2022

South Adelaide3.

Goals: Bogle, Menzie 2, Freitag, Garthwaite, Gibbs, Kantilla 
Best: Clavarino, Haines, Summerton, Garthwaite, Davis
Crowd: 1,480

A Great Result for a Great Cause: South Adelaide recorded a memorable 6-point win over Norwood at Coopers Stadium on Saturday.

The Panthers enjoyed a second-half surge that saw them come from behind to claim a thrilling victory under tough conditions, 8.9 (57) to 7.9 (51). 

Mitch O’Neill continued his run of great performances as he finished this match with 23 disposals, 11 tackles and 6 clearances. Also impressive for the blue and white were Keegan Brooksby (32 hit-outs, 7 clearances, 7 tackles) and Matt Broadbent (24 disposals, 8 rebound 50s).

This nail-biting victory is Head Coach Jarrad Wright’s first win at The Parade. It is also the Panthers' first win there since Round 4, 2017.

And just like that 2017 win was remembered for Cross’s late leading-taking goal – it seems the 2022 win will be remembered for 2 main moments: Kim Kantilla’s clean pick up off the wet deck to kick the lead-taking goal and Ryan Garthwaite’s contested grab down back with seconds left to play.

But there was plenty of football played in the lead up to these defining moments – and it all began with a Bryce Gibbs goal, a minute into the first quarter.

The home side found a replier minutes later, on the back of a costly free-kick. In the wet and wintery conditions, and on the postage-stamp-sized oval, it was a battle of meterage – with both sides pushing hard to gain as much ground as possible.

Oscar Clavarino was crucial down back – the backline as a whole was stellar for the majority of the match, particularly in the second half. 

Midway through the first term, Tate Lovering stopped a wannabe fend-off at half-forward to help keep the footy within Panther territory – but they struggled to convert their chances – albeit just narrowly as their kick struck the post a few times throughout the day.

This lack of polish however allowed the Redlegs to clear; with only a stroke of brilliance stopping them dead in their tracks. This of course was when Joe Haines kicked the footy off the ground and hit Harrison Gunther on the chest – his kick then found Jye Menzie – whose kick inside 50 was marked by Garthwaite after he easily out bodied his man.

Garthwaite’s goal marked the first time in weeks that the Panthers had scored 2 majors within the opening term. Unfortunately, the lead that come from it was short-lived as the Redlegs kicked back-to-back goals to retake the lead.

Menzie’s first major of the match, which came during the dying stages of the first term, brought the deficit to a manageable 5 points at quarter-time, 3.3 (21) to 4.2 (26).

The second term was less smooth for the Panthers. They lost Gunther during the early stages to an ankle injury – thankfully he would return before halftime. 

Even with the likes of Ollie Davis, who was strong around the contest, and Elliot Dunkin, who played his first game since Round 2, the side could only manage a behind for the entire term.

Coming out of the halftime break facing a 3.4 (22) to 6.4 (40) – the Panther faithful were hoping for a repeat of their second-half performances, and they got it.

Luke Bogle, on the back of an O’Neill assist, got things going for the blue and white with the opening goal of the second half. Then, Damon Freitag collected the footy out of a ruck contest and quickly snapped a much-needed goal.

The Kangaroo Islander’s goal was the final major score of the term. It was a breakthrough the side needed since they had held Norwood goalless for the entirety of the third quarter – which meant they headed the final break facing a small 8-point deficit, 5.6 (36) to 6.8 (44).

Menzie struck within minutes of the siren to cut the deficit to a point. Then a miracle intercept mark with the flight of the footy by Jake Summerton at the other end of the ground helped keep the Redlegs goalless.

This mark proved crucial because, after several stoppages on the wing, the Panthers sent the footy into their forward arc where Kantilla was able to cleanly scoop up the footy, despite the wet conditions, and sprint into an open goal – his goal put the Panthers in front for the first time since the dying stages of the first term.

Digging deep, the Panthers made the most of this newfound momentum as they won the centre clearance – sent the footy inside once again – and this time Menzie helped bring the ball within striking range where Bogle was able to take possession and quickly snap a crucial goal.

This time, a quick snap by Hayden Sampson allowed the Panthers to clear it again – but as Kantilla was about to take off in a sprint towards goal – a free-kick handed Norwood a final roll at the dice.

But their penetrating kick fell into the safe hands of Garthwaite, whose massive pack mark came within seconds of the final siren – and with that, their memorable victory was sealed, 8.9 (57) to 7.9 (51).

South Adelaide will enjoy a much-deserved rest over the bye round this weekend. They will then turn their attention toward another tough away trip – with the Panthers scheduled to face Glenelg at ACH Group Stadium on Saturday, 21 May, from 2:10pm. 


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