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Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 14 v Central District

Lumin Sports Match Report: Round 14 v Central District

24 July 2023

The Panthers struggle against the Dogs.

South Adelaide V Central District
Round 14 - X Convenience Oval - 22/07/2023



South Adelaide1.

Central District5.


Goals: Brooksby, Freitag, Gibbs, Sproule
Disposals: Davis 26, O'Neill 23, Haines 22, Gibbs 21, Clavarino 18
Best: Haines (Thanks to Betta Home Living McLaren Vale & Victor Harbor), Davis (Thanks to Sports Power), O'Neill (Thanks to Jimmy Deane's), Summerton, Skinner
Injuries: - 
Crowd: 1,162

Match Replay




After a tough loss against Sturt last week, the Panthers looked towards Round 14 hoping to get back in form against Central District. 

It was an exciting time for debutant #1818 Angus Bradley from Willunga Football Club, as he would lace up for the first time a part of the League team.

As the first quarter begun it was a sign of what was to come as Central District were fierce, attacking at every opportunity.

The Dogs would go on and secure five major scores during this quarter, a brutal start for a hopeful league side.

The pressure was through the roof, and it was hard to find any passages around the ground.

Keegan Brooksbywas able to breakthrough and provide the Panthers their first of the contest.

Taking a strong grab and facing a set shot just shy of 50-metres the kick had to be precise. Going through the motions and kicking a beauty the Panthers were finally on the board.

Moving towards the second quarter the pressure had to lift and the Panthers had to adjust to the trying conditions.

They did just this, in a complete turn of events the Panthers kicked into gear and would kick three major scores during the term, while the opposition were unable to reply.

It was clicking, and the movement around the ground became more free. It was a slow start in the quarter as the scoring would come late.

Zachery Sproule would put his skills to use after taking a grab at the top of the square and securing a major. 

The morale was up, and a scoring siege would ensue.

Hayden Sampson, who is in hot form, would burst out the middle and lace out Damon Freitag, making use of the opportunity the set shot from 50-metres out was pure.

Nothing was getting in their way and the run would be sealed off by Bryce Gibbs, winning his contest 20-metres away from the sticks, the kick was smooth, and the siren would blow shortly after.

It was a dominant second term and the Panthers brought the deficit back into contention at 7-points.

Off the back of a great showing, it was looking optimistic for the side.


But this was sadly not what would transpire in the third term. The Dogs would find their first-term form and leave the league side unable to provide a major score. Despite this, Joseph Haines proved his worth again down back finishing the game with 22 disposals and 4 marks. 

The kicking became inaccurate up forward and the entries dried up. Central District had adapted to their home decks current conditions and made it a battle on the ground.

The fourth quarter was unfortunately a lot of the same for the Panthers as the scoring was completely tarnished.

Oliver Davis was doing his all to bring the boys back into it with his 26 disposals, 9 marks and 6 tackles by the end of the game, leading the squad in all categories.

The game would end with the league side suffering a 25-point loss.

Bradley on debut was able to secure 9 disposals, putting his foot speed to good use and showed positive and impactful signs. 

The Panthers will turn to their next contest against West Adelaide on Sunday the 30th of July at Flinders University Stadium in a 2:10pm timeslot.


South Adelaide Reserves V Central District Reserves
Round 14 - X Convenience Oval - 22/07/2023



South Adelaide1.

Central District1.23.77.810.1272


Goal: Kraemer 3, Dunshea, Flett
Disposals: Collins 21, Kraemer 19, Rogers 18, Lovering 17, Hayes, Ramsay 15
Best: Kraemer (Thanks to Sports Power), Collins, K. Smith, Flett, Brown

Match Replay


Coming up against Central District in Round 14, the Reserves looked to get back into the winning collum pushing their finals chances. 

The first quarter was close, as both sides were unable to break apart from each other and with high pressure, the conditions seemed to favour the Panthers. 

The ground ball had to be won during the contest if a win was going to occur, the Reserves were doing well to achieve this in the first term. It was some time before the Panthers were able to breakthrough and provide a major score.

Nick Kraemer would provide the first major score at the 10-minute mark, receiving a hotly contested football and while being pushed down during his kick, would guide it through.

It a low scoring affair to this point the opposition would reply shortly after. The first term would end in a stalemate as both sides were being calculated with their entries forward.

It was a similar atmosphere in the second quarter as the Reserves were only able to provide one major score once again.

In the lapse Jacob Collins was putting on a show, ending his day with a team high 21 disposals.

Jack Flettwas able to kick his first, gathering a scrappy ball forward, turning on the jets and kicking a special goal while on the move.

At the end of the first half the Panthers were down by 9-points.

In the third term it all came crumbling down as the Dogs went on and kicked four major scores, blowing the game wide open.

Now struggling to score the Panthers were only able to provide one major in the quarter.

It would come late off of Kraemer’s boot, a stoppage up forward would see the ball tapped forwards, his pickup was smooth, and the goal was even better getting it to go while being tackled.

Nic Dunshea would kick his first at the 11-miunte mark of the term, but it wasn’t going to affect the outcome of this contest.

The Panthers would go down by 35-points in a game which could determine the outcome of their finals position.

Their next chance will come against West Adelaide on Sunday the 30th of July at Flinders University Stadium in an 11:30am timeslot.

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