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MRS Property Match Report Trial 3: South vs Central District

Posted by Jayden Bartlett on 22 March 2021
MRS Property Match Report Trial 3: South vs Central District

MRS Property League Match Report

South Adelaide vs Central District
Trial 3 - Flinders University Stadium - 20/03/21

South Adelaide3.48.610.715.999
Central District 3.1 7.2 13.4 16.6 102

Goals: Skinner, Brown 3, Freitag, Bogle, Fitt 2, Gibbs, Wilkinson, Tarca

South Adelaide falls just three points short of the Bulldogs in a high-scoring affair at Flinders University Stadium.

The Panthers third and final trial game was played under warm conditions, but this didn't affect either sides' ability to score, with the final score line reading 15.9 (99) to 16.6 (102) in favour of the visitors.

The high temperature didn't seem to faze the Panthers, who pounced in the first term with two goals to hand the home side an early buffer. However, this early buffer was short-lived as Central District responded with two of their own to close the gap.

South Adelaide was able to steady with a goal from Jake Tarca, but the Panthers early dominance was barely noticeable by the time the quarter time siren had rung.

Leading 3.4 (22) to 3.1 (19), the Panthers were dealt an early blow as Sam Overall never returned to the field after coping a knee to the back leaving the Panthers a rotation down for the remainder of the match.

Despite being a man down, the Panthers did have the wind advantage to look forward to during the second term. And they certainly made the most of it early on, with Tyson Brown, Luke Bogle and Hayden Sampson all providing the Panthers with options up-forward. 

By the time Bryce Gibbs let loose with a massive kick inside 50, which Liam Fitt capitalised on with a goal, the Panthers had a healthy three goal buffer on the Bulldogs.

Yet with the limited rotations and under the warm conditions, the Panthers began to tire as the quarter entered stoppage time allowing the Bulldogs to strike with two goals in quick succession.

A goal after the halftime siren by Damon Freitag gave the Panthers a narrow but promising 8.6 (54) to 7.2 (44) lead.

However, playing with tired bodies and under the warm conditions, South Adelaide looked like a completely different side as the Bulldogs, who were aided by the breeze, piled on six third-term goals. The Panthers on the other hand only mustered two goals but both of which came in style.

The first, which came after twenty minutes of play, saw Gibbs collect a Central clearance kick, straighten himself up, and kick truly while on the run to score a one-bounce goal. 

The second one came while the game deep into stoppage time. Tarca hit the leading Fitt, who then combined with Alex Cailotto with a one-two to get away from the Central defenders which allowed Brown to receive the ball over the top and goal.

Despite these two late goals, the Panthers trialled 10.7 (67) to 13.4 (82) at the final break.

During the final term, Sam Skinner did his best to help put a dent in this deficit. But with tired legs and plenty of Bulldogs pressure it seemed like a very difficult task to claw themselves back into the contest.

Yet, a gutsy intercept mark by Matt Rose allowed the Panthers to rebound, and this eventually led to Freitag scoring a goal. A goal that would open the flood gates for the Panthers as they would combine for three goals in seven minutes.

The two sides continued to trade blows, but just as it looked over for the Panthers, a massive kick out of defence by Joey Haines saw Gibbs gather the ball and follow suit with a massive kick of his own. Eventually it went to Cailotto who, after going end to end in three kicks, set up Brown with a goal to give the Panthers the lead.

Unfortunately, this lead would not last till the end of the game, as Panther mark was unlucky not to be called allowing the more energetic Dogs to score the match-winner, 15.9 (99) to 16.6 (102). 

In the Reserves trial game, Daniel Nobes and Max Clifton caused headaches for the Central defenders while Nigel Lockyer and Dylan Barry gave fans plenty to cheer about as the Panthers won, 90 to 63.

The Panthers will now enjoy a weekend off before facing the Adelaide Reserves in Round One of the 2021 SANFL season, which is set to be played at Flinders University Stadium on Friday April 2, from 1:10pm.

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Author:Jayden Bartlett
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